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Symbol: A red letter V overlapping a rough circle
Home Plane: The material plane
Alignment: Chaotic Good, or possibly Chaotic Neutral. It's hard to tell with him.
Portfolio: Freedom, Rebellion, Explosions, Fencing, Theater & Art
Favored Weapon: Dagger
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More information...

V is the only person who was successfully transformed into a supersoldier at a secret military facility. The other people who were subject to the supersoldier experiments died and got dumped into a large pit in the ground. V gained the trust of the staff, made himself useful, and then created an explosion that destroyed the facility and freed himself, but the explosion also burned him over his entire body, leaving all of his skin scarred and hairless.

Nothing is known about his life before the facility, but the records recovered indicate the process made a profound personality change. It is never entirely sure whether V was truly insane or if he took to a flair of high drama to amuse himself as he goes along.

V wears a black long-sleeved shirt and pants, a black cape, black boots, black gloves, a black wide-brimmed hat, a black wig, and an off-white ceramic mask of a long-dead revolutionary. All of these articles of clothing cover all of V's skin, such that V's burn scarring can not be seen.

V fights for freedom by assassinating fascist government figures, killing their thugs in hand-to-hand combat, attacking key symbols of their power, and patiently waging psychological campaigns against unjust leaders to unhinge them. He also likes to blow things up and do things with a certain drama. He has a marked fondness for the letter V and the number 5.


V teaches:
"Anarchy means 'without leaders'; not 'without order'." From this, V wishes mortals to choose their own path for themselves, and demands they be given the means and resources to intelligently arrive at their eventual decision. He holds that the highest form of order is voluntary order, achieved by many people wanting it to be so of their own will, rather than it being forced upon them from outside. It is unknown if mortals can ever achieve this state, but he reckons it's worth trying for. This makes V unusual among deities; he does not demand that you think of him, only that you think.

Opposing Philosophies[edit]

This belief puts him at odds with

  • Fascism, which is unity of word, thought, deed, political theories, and often even more extreme demands, and often attempted by removing all those deemed to be outside the desired group. Killing or forcibly removing the undesirable parties is usually the way of trying to achieve a fascist society. V disagrees with fascism because of the immorality and arrogance of attempting to force everyone to be as you are.
  • Authoritarianism, which is essentially one party/person which says 'You shall do what I say', backed up by shows of power and threats of force to coerce obedience from others. A hallmark is inconsistently applied laws, which are often used to punish one specific group, while authority-approved groups may flaunt the laws as they wish. V disagrees with authoritarianism because of the injustice and the potential abuse of power. There should be a government--a cohesive society--but it should be, at most, an administration of duties, a kind of servant to society as a whole rather than any kind of director of it.
  • Chaos, which is the lack of order, total destruction and negation of all. In pure chaos, nothing can be achieved, nothing can be made, nothing can be at all. V recognizes the opposing and cooperating forces of creation and destruction, stasis and change--and that neither can be wholly dominant. All things, all people, all civilizations must be able to change or they are locked in stasis, unable to grow or improve. For true advancement, there must be a balance between the two.

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