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Conjuration, Creation
Spellcraft DC: 19 (DC without ritual applied = 842)
Components: none
Casting time: Three Days and 11 minutes
Range: Personal
Effect, or Area: Demiplane filled with whatever the caster desires
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: n/a
Spell Resistance: Depending on location. If casting from any of the Outer Planes, the SR is 999999 on Lawful aligned planes and infinite on Chaos aligned planes. This can be avoided if the Demiplane constructed by the Utopia spell is designed at all times to be of the same alignment as the plane it was cast from.
To Develop: Divine Rank Cost: 5 Seed: Conjure (DC 21), Life (DC 27), Transport (DC 27); Factors: Bestow spell like ability: Utopia (ad hoc +105 DC), Permanent duration (x5 DC), change range to personal (gate must appear at caster's location) (-2 DC), Increase casting time by 10 minutes (-20), Increase casting time by three days (-6), Ritual (-? DC)

Utopia creates a 20 cu.ft block of space. This is independent of the material plane but is linked as a demiplane. It is entered through a gate at the spell casting location. This space is composed of whatever the caster wishes, but is often dirt/plants. This patch of land doubles in volume every round, as the patches of land have a spell-like-ability that reproduces them exactly, taking one round; this enables the Demiplane to grow at an exponential rate. This land is directly controlled by the caster. This patch of land can be mined/populated as the caster sees fit.

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