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Lesser Deities
Name Alignment Clergy Alignments Domains Favored Weapon
Aendar Lawful Good Maximally one step away from deity. Glory, Good, Healing, Strength Longsword
Allvyn Lareth
Anahel Lawful Good Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Good Earth, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune Quarterstaff
Aralan Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, True Neutral Ocean, Storm, Animal, Air, Chaos, Luck Stinging Rain [Nagaika(MW)]
Ares Chaotic Evil non-lawful, non-good only War, Chaos, Evil, Madness Spear
Atheismo Unaligned Any Uncertainty Any
Balthazar, Variant
Bane Lawful Evil Maximally one step away from deity. Darkness, Death, Evil, War A Bloody death
Banjo Chaotic Good Any nonlawful Puppets The banjo
Bob Chaotic Good Chaotic, Non-evil Magic, Healing, trickery, chaos Sap
Celothir LG Non evil, rarely chaotic. Knowledge, Law, Magic, Fire, Water Bastard Sword
Chigra Lawful Evil Any Evil Death, Destruction, Evil, War Flail
Cthulhu Neutral Evil Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil. Destruction, Evil, Madness, Water Dagger
Dace True Neutral Maximally one step away from deity. War, Nature, Weather, Courage Longsword
Desmeca Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Magic, Trickery bow, short sword, dagger
Disarray, God of Villainy Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil Evil, chaos A Long sword soaked in blood
Dunbrow LG LG, NG Earth, Law, Good Battleaxe
Executioner Arkus
Fatal Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Death, Evil Knife/Dagger
Great Mon Gorge, The Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness Net
Guul Drak (4e Deity) Evil Any Evil Death, Destruction, Evil Whip
Halmo Neutral Good any non - evil Animal, Good, Liberation, Plant, Protection, Scalykind any.
Helios Minoris
Hobon CN NG, CG, N, CN, CE, NE Fire, Healing, Charm, Luck Improvised Weapons
Holygrail Neutral Non-evil Sun, Healing, Harming Maces
Hona Neutral Good Neutral Good Knowledge, Protection, Artifice Longsword
Ibis Neutral Good Any non-Evil Knowledge, Magic Dagger
Killaarak Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil Trickery, Evil, Chaos, Destruction Dual-Weild Sickles
Kusunoroi Neutral Good Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good) War, Good, Fire, Dragon Greatsword
Lady Maya, Queen of the Paladins Neutral Good Any Good Fire, Good, Healing, Law, Sun, Protection, War Bastard Sword
Lartuen Neutral NG, LN, N, CN, NE Strength, Magic, Healing None
Lefty the Legendary Bard Chaotic Evil any non lawful and any non good. Goth music Lute or goth music
Leyara Ruwirenemo Lawful Neutral Must be elven Animals, law, plant, creation. The forest.
Locust Chaotic Evil Any Evil Death, Evil, Water Dagger (Shiv)
Lothram Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil. Pestilence, Trickery, Evil, Chaos, Madness Magic
Lunacy, God of Vigilantes Chaotic Good Chaotic Good chaos A giant squeaky hammer (which is a battle hammer he uses to make enemies think it's harmless), RPSEB (ROCKET PROPELLED STUFFED EXPLODING BUNNY), and a cannon of deadly fireworks.
Lyei Hawaquae
Marid Lawful Evil Lawful Evil only, all else are ignored if not cursed by Marid (see text) Death, Evil, Law, Trickery Poison (see text)
Merihem Chaotic Evil NE, CE Hunger, Madness, Pestilence, Undead Quarterstaff (The Crimson Suffering)
Miek Neutral Good Any Non-Evil Animal, Earth, Good, Plant Quarterstaff
Mississipi Grindin' Gears Johnson J.D Lawful Evil Lawful Evil only Law, Suffering, Charm, Glory "A po' Blues Man Cant Afford to Buy no weapon, use what you got"
Mr. Rogers Lawful Good Lawful Good, Neutral Good Community, Peace, Dream, Good, Law, Mind. A kind word and gentle smile.
Nalgoroth Chaotic Evil non-good/non-lawful only Necromancy Chimeric Staff
Patrea neutral Any Emotion, love, fear, madness Scythe
Raistlin Majere Chaotic Neutral They have to be somewhere between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Evil. Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Glory
Rebecca Neutral Good Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral Animal, Charm, Community, Good, Protection, War "Breath of the Huntress" (longbow)
Righty the Legendary Bard Chaotic Good Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good. Healing, Good, Strength, Plants Dagger or Pop Rock music
Rofstein Lawful Evil Lawful Evilor Lawful Neutral Death, Law, Protection, Strength Pike
SOPA Lawful Evil Cannot be any Good Destruction, Evil, and Darkness Domains Bow, Silencer (3.5e Equipment)
Sidriel Lawful Good any non - evil Good, Travel, Water, Weather trident.
Sir Ganther Lawful good LG, LN, NG, CG, Glory, Good, Law, Strength A Greatsword
Soriel (4e Deity) Good Any Charm, Magic, Song Rapier
Sylus Neutral Evil any evil Evil, War, Fire, and Nature The Claw, or claw like weapon
Tandokuno Lawful Evil Any Evil Destruction, Fire, Chaos Longsword, Claw, Dagger, Rapier
Tanner Chaotic Neutral LG, NG, CG, N, CN, NE, CE Life, Transformation (If you don't hve these, replace them with Healing and Magic) Whip
Telv Chaotic Good Any non Lawful/ non Evil Animal, Chaos, Strength Claws or Duel Kukri
The Darklord Lawful Evil LE, LN, NE Magic, War, Evil, Law, Tyranny, Destruction, Life Greatsword
The Guardian
The Outsider
The Twenty Coins
The Watcher None but has Lawful Tendencies None but followers usually have Lawful tendencies Knowledge, Illusion Dual Long Daggers
The three who is one non lawful or choatic protection, good, evil, and destruction two spiked chains that are attatched under the wrist.
Thousand Face Chaotic Evil Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Neutral Fire, Destruction, Madness, Chaos, Corruption A burning spear, or a saw
Tiamat, Test of Time
Tonatiuh Lawful Neutral Lawful Neutral Fire, Law, Sun.
Typhron Lawful good Must be lawful good or neutural Good Law Protection and Healing Progress (Heavy Arquebus)
Uvalou neutral evil true neutral, or any evil. evil, neutrality, defence. bastard sword.
Vacklash Chaotic Neutral Must be any Neutral, or Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil. Chaos, Punishment, Neutrality. Twin rapiers.
Vila Lawful Good Lawful Good Repose, Nobility, Good None
Yewande Neutral Good Any Good Good, Protection, Healing Quarterstaff
Yusograd the Free
Zoraya CG CG, CN, NG Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation Longbow
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