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Pages I've Created[edit]

Gaucho (4e Race)

Pages I've Helped Fix[edit]

Genothrope (4e Race) - In progress

Deva-Warforged (4e Race)

Ancient One (4e Race)

Rombony (4e Race)

Merfolk (4e Race) - Alara did most all of the writing

DM Experience[edit]

(Characters I've DM'ed for)

4e Characters

Lv 15 - Human - Rogue - Shadow Assassin

Lv 15 - Warforged - Warden - Earth Shaker

Lv 15 - Half Elf - Druid - Storm Speaker

PC Experience[edit]

(Characters I've played)

4e Characters

Lv 15 - Deva - Invoker - Angelic Aspect

Lv 15 - Half Elf - Bard - Half-Elf Emissary

3.5e Characters

Lv 3 - Half Elf - Fighter

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