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My Current Sandbox

Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Arcane Cantata You can boost the power of your spells with the sound of music.

Battle Hymn You can inspire your allies to true acts of heroism.

Chant of Solitude You can channel the power of your bardic music to sustain your allies, allowing them to function even after receiving wounds that would cause others to falter.

Dancer of Music 3e Prerequisite Feat::Dancing Bard (3.5e Feat) Allows Bard levels to stack with Dancer levels for Bardic Dance.

Dancing Bard Allows a Bard to use Perform (dance) for Bardic Music


Inspire Cooperation Through music, song or poetry you are able to inspire cooperation in others.

Inspiring Leader, Variant Bard and Marshal levels stack for the purpose of Bardic music, Major Aura, and Grant Move Action class features

Martial Performer This feat needs a summary

Minstrel Your music never fails with the ladies.

Song Magic There is magic in your music, allowing you to cast your spells without need of further material components.

Song of Overwhelming Valor Even when all hope seems lost, facing overwhelming odds, your music can summon the deep wells of pride and valor in your allies, giving them the courage to fight on, and fight harder still.
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