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Hi! I am SirSprinkles. I've played tabletop games for a little over 3 years now, but my favourite so far is D&D 5e. If you want to make a variant of one of my works, please discuss it with me here.
I was nominated for adminship and am now an admin! Read about my RfA here.



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My Contributions[edit]



5e Trinkets (a huge chunk of Tables 2, 3, and 4, and some from 5 and 6)

Amulet of Construct Location (5e Equipment)

Amulet of Ooze Control (5e Equipment)

Armour of the Wind (5e Equipment)

Arrow of Frost (5e Equipment)

Blade of the Arcanist, +1, +2, or +3 (5e Equipment)

Bottled Misery (5e Equipment)

Cloak of Acid (5e Equipment)

Crimson Dawn (5e Equipment)

Deceitful Weapon (5e Equipment)

Egg of Mystery (5e Equipment)

Eye of Watchfulness (5e Equipment)

Great Master's Glaive (5e Equipment)

Gauntlets of the Storm (5e Equipment)

Grim Touch (5e Equipment)

Hat of Commanding (5e Equipment)

Laser Sword (5e Equipment)

Lock of Deception (5e Equipment)

Mantle of Tentacles (5e Equipment)

Merfolk Tunic (5e Equipment)

Mirror Shield (5e Equipment)

Necklace of Strangulation (5e Equipment)

Oil of Anger (5e Equipment)

Pike of Charging (5e Equipment)

Potion of Life (5e Equipment)

Potion of Vulnerability (5e Equipment)

Ring of Accuracy (5e Equipment)

Ring of Fire (5e Equipment)

Ring of Shadows (5e Equipment)

Ring of the Mystic Hand (5e Equipment)

Rod of Foul Odours (5e Equipment)

Sickle of Plant Control (5e Equipment)

Sling of Meteors (5e Equipment)

Staff of Acid (5e Equipment)

Staff of Earth (5e Equipment)

Staff of Location (5e Equipment)

Staff of the Fool (5e Equipment)

Tank (5e Equipment)

Thunderstaff (5e Equipment)

Tome of the Roaring Ocean (5e Equipment)

Tome of the Searing Flame (5e Equipment)

Tome of the Tearing Gale (5e Equipment)

Tome of the Unending Expanse (5e Equipment)

Tome of the Unrelenting Earth (5e Equipment)

Topaz of Digging (5e Equipment)

Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power (5e Equipment)

  • Agate Centipede
  • Amber Spider
  • Amethyst Badger
  • Coral Crabs
  • Emerald Snake
  • Garnet Eagles
  • Granite Ogre
  • Iron Knights
  • Malachite Boars
  • Opal Frog
  • Peridot Ants
  • Ruby Bear
  • Sapphire Whale
  • Tourmaline Ape
  • Wooden Rat



Acid Bug (5e Creature)

Actaeon (5e Creature)

Adamantine Taint (5e Creature)

Adult Brown Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Cobalt Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Grey Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Iron Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Lead Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Mercury Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Orange Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Purple Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Steel Dragon (5e Creature)

Adult Yellow Dragon (5e Creature)

Air Orb (5e Creature)

Ajul (5e Creature)

Akresti (5e Creature)

Al-Mi'raj (5e Creature)

Amphisbaena (5e Creature)

Ancient Brown Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Cobalt Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Crawler (5e Creature)

Ancient Crystal (5e Creature)

Ancient Grey Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Iron Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Lead Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Mercury Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Orange Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Purple Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Steel Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Yellow Dragon (5e Creature)

Apocalypse Ooze (5e Creature)

Aqua Dragon (5e Creature)

Archer (5e Creature)

Archsage (5e Creature)

Armonto (5e Creature)

Arrowplant (5e Creature)

Artemion (5e Creature)

Atrophus (5e Creature)

Aura Ooze (5e Creature)

Aurozenti (5e Creature)

Automaton (5e Creature)

Awakened Cactus (5e Creature)


Battering Ram (5e Creature)

Black Ape (5e Creature)

Blackthorn (5e Creature)

Blazeclaw (5e Creature)

Blazeclaw Burner (5e Creature)

Blazehawk (5e Creature)

Blight Dragon (5e Creature)

Blue Gel (5e Creature)

Berserker Wolf (5e Creature)

Blood Boar (5e Creature)

Bone Golem (5e Creature)

Bouncing Fungus (5e Creature)

Bounty Hunter (5e Creature)

Brain Mole (5e Creature)

Brown Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Bugbear Doomclaw (5e Creature)

Bugbear Hammerer (5e Creature)

Bugbear Vileclaw (5e Creature)

Bull Shark (5e Creature)


Cactaron (5e Creature)

Cake Construct (5e Creature)

Caller in Darkness (5e Creature)

Canary (5e Creature)

Cavigog (5e Creature)

Chitik (5e Creature)

Chitik Cavalier (5e Creature)

Clay War Golem (5e Creature)

Clockwork Ape (5e Creature)

Cloth Golem (5e Creature)

Cloud Titan (5e Creature)

Cobalt Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Comet Warrior (5e Creature)

Crag Spider (5e Creature)

Crystal Drake (5e Creature)

Crystal Golem (5e Creature)


Daggerfish (5e Creature)

Dalasmir (5e Creature)

Dalasmir Spawn (5e Creature)

Dark Orb (5e Creature)

Dark Tormentor (5e Creature)

Deathbloom (5e Creature)

Deathvine (5e Creature)

Deep Tentacle (5e Creature)

Delver (5e Creature)

Devilroot (5e Creature)

Doom Cobra (5e Creature)

Doom Flumph (5e Creature)

Dracofiend (5e Creature)

Dragonfly (5e Creature)

Dread Dalasmir (5e Creature)

Dread Oni (5e Creature)

Dread Rat (5e Creature)

Dream Eater (5e Creature)

Dream Master (5e Creature)

Drooling One (5e Creature)

Duelist (5e Creature)

Duergar Darkmind (5e Creature)

Duergar Ironskin (5e Creature)

Dune Titan (5e Creature)


Earth Orb (5e Creature)

Entombed (5e Creature)

Entombed Marauder (5e Creature)


Fencer (5e Creature)

Fiend Spider (5e Creature)

Fire Orb (5e Creature)

Fire Titan (5e Creature)

Floating Skull (5e Creature)

Floating Sunglasses (5e Creature)

Force Orb (5e Creature)

Forest Avenger (5e Creature)

Foul Seeker (5e Creature)

Foulblood Kilkorn (5e Creature)

Frost Orb (5e Creature)

Frost Titan (5e Creature)


Gatryon (5e Creature)

Giant Bear (5e Creature)

Giant Bison (5e Creature)

Giant Butterfly (5e Creature)

Giant Canary (5e Creature)

Giant Caterpillar (5e Creature)

Giant Clay Golem (5e Creature)

Giant Clay War Golem (5e Creature)

Giant Eel (5e Creature)

Giant Flytrap (5e Creature)

Giant Fox (5e Creature)

Giant Grasshopper (5e Creature)

Giant Leech (5e Creature)

Giant Mantis (5e Creature)

Giant Paper Dragon (5e Creature)

Giant Rabbit (5e Creature)

Giant Slime (5e Creature)

Giant Slug (5e Creature)

Giant Snow Golem (5e Creature)

Giant Spider Wasp (5e Creature)

Giant Tiger (5e Creature)

Glacier Wolf (5e Creature)

Gladiator of the Ooze (5e Creature)

Gnoll Soul Feaster (5e Creature)

Goblin Outrider (5e Creature)

Goblin Rouser (5e Creature)

Grass Golem (5e Creature)

Great Crystal (5e Creature)

Great Fire Elemental (5e Creature)

Great Knight (5e Creature)

Great Water Elemental (5e Creature)

Greater Sail Fiend (5e Creature)

Grey Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Grimlock Mindspeaker (5e Creature)

Grimworm (5e Creature)

Guardian Ape (5e Creature)


Half-Celestial Centaur (5e Creature)

Half-Fiend Minotaur (5e Creature)

Hammerclaw Crab (5e Creature)

Haunted Armour (5e Creature)

Hecatoncheires (5e Creature)

Heckler (5e Creature)

Hill Titan (5e Creature)

Hobgoblin Black Warden (5e Creature)

Hobgoblin Seer (5e Creature)


Ice Wanderer (5e Creature)

Indigo Slime (5e Creature)

Infernal Knight (5e Creature)

Iridescent Beetle (5e Creature)

Iron Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)


Jackalope (5e Creature)

Jazul (5e Creature)

Jazul Shiredo (5e Creature)

Jelly Cube (5e Creature)

Jewel Ooze (5e Creature)


Keymaster (5e Creature)

Kilko (5e Creature)

Kilkorn (5e Creature)

Kilkorn Enforcer (5e Creature)

Kilkorn Hunter (5e Creature)

Kilkorn Knight (5e Creature)

Kilkorn Overlord (5e Creature)

Kilkorn Zealot (5e Creature)

Kirillion (5e Creature)

Kobold Standard-bearer (5e Creature)

Krakkonor (5e Creature)


Lance Master (5e Creature)

Lancer (5e Creature)

Lead Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Leaf Worm (5e Creature)

Leech (5e Creature)

Lesser Sail Fiend (5e Creature)

Life Drainer (5e Creature)

Light Orb (5e Creature)

Lightning Tiger (5e Creature)

Locustkin (5e Creature)


Magmorte (5e Creature)

Masked Horror (5e Creature)

Master Hunter (5e Creature)

Maramorian (5e Creature)

Maramorian Arbiter (5e Creature)

Maramorian Guardian (5e Creature)

Maramorian Irukil (5e Creature)

Maramorian Mystic (5e Creature)

Maramorian Sand Echo (5e Creature)

Maramorian Warrior (5e Creature)

Medusa Snake (5e Creature)

Mercury Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Merfolk Hoplite (5e Creature)

Merfolk Hunter (5e Creature)

Metal Slime (5e Creature)

Mithral Tortoise (5e Creature)

Mountain Beast (5e Creature)

Muaman (5e Creature)

Muaman Negotiator (5e Creature)

Myoxat (5e Creature)


Nebula Slayer (5e Creature)

Nidhogg (5e Creature)

Night Dragon (5e Creature)

Noble Fox (5e Creature)

Noxious Toad (5e Creature)


Oblivion Hound (5e Creature)

Ochaun (5e Creature)

Octofolk (5e Creature)

Octohulk (5e Creature)

Ogre Skeleton (5e Creature)

Omikyr (5e Creature)

Oozing Champion (5e Creature)

Oozing Lord (5e Creature)

Oozing One (5e Creature)

Orange Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Orc Impaler (5e Creature)


Pagefiend (5e Creature)

Paper Dragon (5e Creature)

Phantasm (5e Creature)

Plague Swimmer (5e Creature)

Plague Zombie (5e Creature)

Purple Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Prowling Demon (5e Creature)

Pyrogodon (5e Creature)


Quasar Knight (5e Creature)

Quazen (5e Creature)

Quazenti (5e Creature)

Quazenti Dragoncaller (5e Creature)

Quazenti Knight (5e Creature)

Quazenti Warden (5e Creature)


Rabbit (5e Creature)

Radiant Shardling (5e Creature)

Ratatoskr (5e Creature)

Rooter (5e Creature)

Rooter Amalgamation (5e Creature)

Rooter Mote (5e Creature)

Rooter Vinecaller (5e Creature)

Rot Locust (5e Creature)


Sack Horror (5e Creature)

Sage (5e Creature)

Sail Fiend (5e Creature)

Sea Orc (5e Creature)

Sea Serpent (5e Creature)

Sea Slime (5e Creature)

Scorch Fox (5e Creature)

Shade Rat (5e Creature)

Shadow Snatcher (5e Creature)

Shardling (5e Creature)

Shifting Jelly (5e Creature)

Shivering Slayer (5e Creature)

Silver Scourge (5e Creature)

Smog Dragon (5e Creature)

Snow Golem (5e Creature)

Snow War Golem (5e Creature)

Spider Wasp (5e Creature)

Spectral Guardian (5e Creature)

Steel Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Stone Titan (5e Creature)

Storm Orb (5e Creature)

Storm Titan (5e Creature)

Student (5e Creature)

Swarm of Leeches (5e Creature)

Swarm of Paper Dragons (5e Creature)

Swarm of Radiant Shardlings (5e Creature)

Swarm of Shardlings (5e Creature)

Swarm of Tainted Shardlings (5e Creature)

Swarming Slime (5e Creature)


Tainted Shardling (5e Creature)

Templar (5e Creature)

Temporal Shifter (5e Creature)

Thornling (5e Creature)

Titan Scorpion (5e Creature)

Tormented Soul (5e Creature)

Troll Mystic (5e Creature)

Tyroor (5e Creature)


Umbog (5e Creature)

Umbral Stalker (5e Creature)

Undertow Stalker (5e Creature)


Valkor (5e Creature)

Vedrfolnir (5e Creature)

Verucka (5e Creature)

Vile Artemion (5e Creature)

Vortex Hunter (5e Creature)


Warhorse Zombie (5e Creature)

Water Orb (5e Creature)

Wax Golem (5e Creature)

Werecrocodile (5e Creature)

Wereagle (5e Creature)

Werefox (5e Creature)

Wereowl (5e Creature)

Wereshark (5e Creature)

Weresnake (5e Creature)

Werespider (5e Creature)

Winged Wolf (5e Creature)

Wood Golem (5e Creature)


Xalitik (5e Creature)

Xalitik Flaremaster (5e Creature)

Xenogmir (5e Creature)


Yellow Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)

Yezzogaunt (5e Creature)

Young Brown Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Cobalt Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Dalasmir (5e Creature)

Young Grey Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Iron Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Lead Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Mercury Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Orange Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Purple Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Sea Serpent (5e Creature)

Young Steel Dragon (5e Creature)

Young Yellow Dragon (5e Creature)


Zarikytonic Goat (5e Creature)

Zarogmir (5e Creature)

Zombie Horror (5e Creature)


Chosen of the Ooze (5e Template)

Clockwork Construct (5e Template)

Giant Golem (5e Template)

Great Elemental (5e Template)

Half-Celestial (5e Template)

Half-Fiend (5e Template)

Master (5e Template)

Metagaming Creature (5e Template)

Radiant Shardling (5e Template)

Tainted Shardling (5e Template)

War Golem (5e Template)

Winged Creature (5e Template)

Zarikytonic Creature (5e Template)

Creature Categories[edit]

Dinosaurs (5e Creature)

Dragons (5e Creature)

Golems (5e Creature)

Maramorians (5e Creature)

Lycanthropes (5e Creature)

Oozes (5e Creature)

Oozing Ones (5e Creature)

Titans (5e Creature)


Blade Savant (5e Class)

Curseslinger (5e Class)

Prism (5e Class)

Warcaster (5e Class)

Cross-Class Archetypes (5e Variant Rule) (contributor)

Special Classes[edit]

Fey Warden (5e Class)

Alternative Class Features[edit]

5e Warlock Invocations and Boons (contributor)


Way of the Innumerable Stars (5e Archetype)

Winter Soul (5e Archetype)


Galapian (5e Race)

Irotori (5e Race)

Mudcrawler (5e Race)

Mutantfolk (5e Race)

Phantomborn (5e Race)

Silmarin (5e Race)

Sorath (5e Race)

Treefolk (5e Race)


Frost Gnome (5e Subrace)


Commander (5e Feat)

Campaign Settings[edit]

Kador (5e Campaign Setting)

History (Kador)


Ghostly Hands (5e Spell)

Withering Destruction (5e Spell)

Zone of Power (5e Spell)


Diplomat (5e Background)

Mercenary (5e Background) (big contributor)

Scavenger (5e Background)


Aberrant Earth (5e Hazard)

Brown Slime (5e Hazard)

Deathspore Fungus (5e Hazard)

Dreaming Water (5e Hazard)

Mindslicer Crystal (5e Hazard)

Spellbane Rose (5e Hazard)


Kaltor (5e Deity)

Mannad (5e Deity)

Muama (5e Deity)


Castle Blackmire (5e Quest)

Crypt of the Deep Speaker (5e Quest)

Optimised Builds[edit]

Skill Monkey (5e Optimized Character Build)

Adapting Adventures[edit]

Adapting Adventures: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Adapting Adventures: Out of the Abyss

Adapting Adventures: Storm King's Thunder

Character Vault[edit]

Karnyr Dunhammer — played in Lacundus Drakulum

To Do List[edit]


Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I give you this barnstar for working hard on 5e SRD:Creatures. You have a very good grasp with the 5e SRD, and I personally would love to see you focus your effort on that area; in a way taking control of it! Don't forget to take control of the footers on the pages you work with! Thanks so much. --Green Dragon (talk) 14:27, 28 September 2016 (MDT)
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I'm giving you this barnstar in recognition of your willingness to welcome new users and aid in the site owner's work load. Thank you! Welcoming new users helps breed good community and sustainability. --  Hooper   talk    contribs    email   20:27, 3 December 2016 (MST)
Choco chip cookie.jpg WikiCookie                            
Thank you so much for your help on the Help:Glossary of Jargon. --Kydo (talk) 10:59, 31 December 2016 (MST)
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