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Hey guys, updating my user page for the first time in a couple years. Anyway, if anyone sees this page, say hello! I'd like to know the wiki's people better. Anyway, here's some of my favorite contributions, check them out!

Earth-Bound: One of my first classes, and also quite complex. Not fully polished but I think it's pretty cool.

Battle Chemist: Basically a casting variant that uses science instead of magic. Took a lot of effort, still incomplete mixture list, but is awesome and will be even more so, in my opinion.

Mechanus Knight: A nonmagical, steam powered behemoth, improving through innovations in their technology.

I'm also making a lot of classes now, that are amusingly interesting, mechanically. Want to be a rogue that coats the room with images? Want to fight by tactically analyzing the room instead of going THOG SMASH? Want to impress the townsfolk with a huge, Good-aligned avatar of yourself floating above you? I'm your guy! Some of these are purely stats. I'm taking suggestions! If you have a request or an idea, drop it in discussion. Note: I'm good at making up mechanics. I'm not so good at balancing them without playtesting. If you plan on using any of this, check with your DM. Also, if you balance it pretty well, feel free to tell me about it, so I can make the change on the class's page.

Entirely Complete:

Fury Mage: A gish that blends rage with close-combat casting.

Fate Weaver: A caster that draws from a tarot deck to augment casting with powers from the Deck of Many Things.

Butcher of Souls: A raging warrior that uses a blade forged from his soul and tempered with rage to defy mortality.

Statistically Complete:

Aligned Warrior: A holy warrior that uses alignment-based powers to augment his abilities.

Smiting Avenger (And it's Dragonfire Adept adaptation, Dragonfire Champion): A martial champion of the gods, focused around smiting.

Echo Warrior: An agile warrior, using residual images to assist him in combat.

Pyromaniac: A fire-based casting class, burning spells for fiery powers.

Calculated Warrior: A warrior that uses intellect and skill to fight with calculated precision.

Avenging Barbarian: A barbarian that uses vengeful fury to power his strikes. Not really polished or balanced.

Incarnator: A master of grafts, creating them and using related powers with unparalleled expertise.

Works in Progress:

Specialist: Don't feel like optimizing and/or breaking the game? Give melee nice things in a chosen specialty with this class!

Frost Knight: A gish glass that grants ice based martial benefits while advancing spellcasting.

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