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Call me Quincy.

Deleted Content[edit]

For sentimental reasons, I've saved copies of a very large number of 5e pages that have been deleted from this wiki. If you're looking for a deleted page such as a race, class, or magic item, feel free to hit me up with a message on my talk page and there's a good chance I'll be able to help you out.

Armed With Wings (5e Class)[edit]

This class was deleted from D&D Wiki a while ago because it wasn't even remotely balanced. It's so amazingly, hilariously bad that I just couldn't let it disappear forever! Read it for yourself, it's a riot!

Berserker (5e Class)[edit]

I used to love the berserker class, but I can't say I love it anymore since it was reflavored and rebalanced to the state it's in now - in my opinion, the changes took away some of the charm that made the class special. So here's my favorite revision of the class, for posterity.

Demon Hunter (5e Class)[edit]

Just like the Armed With Wings, this class is one of those "so bad it's good" classes. There's something about the sheer level of disgusting cheesiness and unabashed Mary-Sueness that makes it (at least to my eye) utterly captivating. The revision I saved is rather old - currently existing demon hunter class is currently being revamped by Blobby383b because it's overpowered - and it's actually been TONED DOWN significantly since the class was at its worst.

Regenerator (5e Class)[edit]

This class is one of those cases where a great premise (a class focused around regeneration) is ruined by a poor execution (atrocious writing).

Student (5e Class)[edit]

This is another class which was deleted from D&D Wiki. It's a shame really, because I liked the mechanics and the idea behind it. Oh well.

Troubled (5e Class)[edit]

...I don't get it. There's no context whatsoever for this bizarre class.

Pages I've Made[edit]

If you're interested in looking at my works, check 'em out here.

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