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On Okreya[edit]



Met in Tavern:[edit]

Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, and TogoGrandeSmials

About Me[edit]

I've been playing D&D for almost two years now. I'm into RPG's in general. I generally dislike MMORPG's (don't ask why).

I like writing short stories and reading. I am however, very lazy and more often than not, leave stories unfinished.

I'm in high school learning Computer Networking and aspire to become a "Legendary Video Game Designer/Programmer". I currently don't plan on working in the IT field, but see it as a valuable skill anyways.

I wear glasses and live in the US.

I have been known to wear bright yellow shirts. I also like Converse shoes.

I speak English and Spanish. I'm also part Dominican and part Puerto Rican.

I like sushi, white rice, tacos, chicken, porkchops, steak and potatoes.

I like the following classes: Druid, Fighter, Rogue and Wizard.

I am fond of the Changeling race. I also like Elves.

I dislike internet memes simply because they exist. I will still laugh at an occasional one though.

I sometimes doubt my ability to spell.

I am also a slow typist.

I like video games that put emphasis in gameplay, length, replay value and story (if any) rather than graphics. On a side note: I am a fan of nearly every game released by Konami and Bioware.

I'm a crappy artist.

I am NOT a fan of anime in general. I like CERTAIN anime (Mobile Suit Gundam, Big O, Hellsing and Outlaw Star, to name a few).

I am a heavy fan of kaiju (Mothra ftw). I see it as my replacement for anime.

I like Transformers.

I'm known to be very random, kinda loud, very funny (or so I'm told), and a ladies man (in my dreams of course).

If this wasn't apparent already, I am a guy.

I'm prone to add more to this list when I feel like it.

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