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Healing Rate = The amount of Hit Points restored after an 8 hour resting period. Tripled for a 24-hour rest.

Trait = An optional system of features that characters may choose. Characters can have 0, 1, or 2 Traits. A character cannot choose the same trait twice.

Critical Miss = Whenever a natural 1(or whatever the default range for a critical miss is as determined by other modifiers), is rolled the creature, NPC, or PC that rolled it has rolled a critical miss! Any non-natural weapon is broken.

To Do - 1[edit]

  • Come back to wiki.
  • Finish MorrowinD20 (find people to help me?)
    • Make new MorrowindD20 that is less like CODA/d20
  • Finish Fallout d20
    • Make Fallout d20 in pdf form
    • Make Fallout d20 less like d20 Modern
  • Make Breaches (is NOT Rifts d20!)
  • Finish RPG Archive (the only thing I'm actively doing at the moment)
  • Learn C# and how to use Unity3d
  • Stop using D&D Wiki as my to-do list

To Do[edit]

  • Make a race of intelligent, mutant raccoon people(see Burrows)
  • Reformat/Add Creatures
  • Add Equipment
  • Add vehicles
  • Do Raiders(3 Gun, 3 Melee, 3 Sniper, 2 Heavy Weapons(Based on R2G and R3G+4))
  • Convert adventure(making as needed): Jason Lester(Pump-action shotgun)
  • Ruined environments
  • Make grand equipment generator

Things Done[edit]

  • Targeting Rules :D
  • Added most of, if not all(I don't remember), Fallout-inspired/based Feats.
  • Edited and added some Fallout-inspired/based Traits.
  • Edited and reformatted some Fallout-inspired/based Creatures.
  • Edited, added, and reformatted all Fallout-inspired/based Races.
  • Edited, added, and reformatted some Fallout-inspired/based Weapons, Drugs, and Vehicles.
  • Added all the Fallout-inspired Occupations.
  • Added character creation guide.

Things To Rework[edit]

  • Armour: Armour needs DR instead of Defence. Defence would still come from classes and Dexterity. Armor would also have different levels of DR for different types of attacks.
  • Classes: Classes would need to be done more like D&D or Exodus. Perhaps like the Exodus custom classes. But then that needs a reworking of the talent system, again like Exodus.
  • Skills: They need brought in line with the TUs/Caps.
  • Radiation: Complete rework of radiation rules. Perhaps like Exodus, with a chance for mutation at different levels of radiation. The chance for a bad mutation with increase the more rads that were obtained. Example: At 100 Rads, 1-3 is a bad mutation, 4-10 is a good mutation, and 10+ is no mutation. (Perhaps change the die depending on Rad level?) Also have negative stat effects at higher levels of radiation. Should the mutations be serious or unrealistic? Perhaps a mix, but I think that there will need some bounds to be set.
  • Weapons: Weapons would probably not be skill-based. But they would have damage types akin to the armor. Also needs more magazine types, maybe, rate of fire options, and weapon types. I would also put down the Strength requirement and number of hands used.

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