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Strong Fast Tough Smart Dedicated Charismatic
Table: Skills by Class (Excluding Craft and Knowledge)
Points per Level 3 5 3 9 5 7
Balance X
Bluff X
Climb X X
Computer Use X
Concentration X
Decipher Script X
Demolitions X
Diplomacy X
Disable Device X
Disguise X
Drive X X
Escape Artist X
Forgery X
Gamble X
Gather Information X
Handle Animal X X
Hide X
Intimidate X X
Investigate X X
Jump X
Listen X
Move Silently X
Navigate X
Perform X
Pilot X
Profession X X X X X X
Read/Write Language X X X X X X
Repair X X
Research X
Ride X X
Search X
Sense Motive X
Sleight of Hand X
Speak Language X X X X X X
Spot X X
Survival X X
Swim X
Treat Injury X
Tumble X




Law Enforcement: Diplomacy, Drive, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (civics, earth and life sciences, streetwise, or tactics), Listen

Military: Climb, Demolitions, Drive, Hide, Knowledge (tactics), Move Silently, Navigate, Pilot, Survival, Swim

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