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A Little Bit about Me[edit]

Hey all, this is my personal page. I did work on this site back in high school. I took over, cleaned up, and finished Gaia and Adonai really just for fun. My plans from here on out are to write up and post my Campaign Setting: Dominaria. This is not at all related to the MTG plane, just what I chose to name my world. I've been running Dominaria since the 5th grade (now a senior at the Air Force Academy) mostly without interruption (except for Basic Training). I have over 40 pages of history in Word to condense into something readable along with 20+ pages of factions and guilds and dozens of pages covering my views on the various classes/races/dieties and how the fit into my world. Then of course we have the climates and politics of all of the countries, territories, city-states, and islands in Dominaria. This will take a very long time but I will try to get the page started and some basics down by the end of the week.

An Update[edit]

I'm one year into project: Dominaria Wiki and it's been a helluva fun time. Loads more work than I though it would be, and challenging to keep at it when you have such an immense amount of material and there's just so much I want to do! It's been good for my players though, and good for me to get my head around all my stuff and tie it all together.

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