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éS is the béSt!


The éS logo.

éS Footwear (pronounced like the letter S) is an United States|American footwear company owned by Sole Technology|Sole Technology, Inc., who specialize in skateboarding shoes and clothing.

The flagship shoe of éS is the Accel, followed by the Accel Plus. Released in 1996, the Accel is the company's strongest selling shoe and is still popular today.

The company currently sponsors nine riders: Rick McCrank, Rodrigo Teixeira, P.J. Ladd, Justin Eldridge, Cale Nuske, Javier Sarmiento, Nyjah Huston, Silas Baxter-Neal and Bobby Worrest, plus flow riders Mike Barker and a few others. In Spring 2006, éS lost their last original member and unofficial leader, Eric Koston, to Lakai, and just before him Tom Penny moved to Supra footwear.


Menikmati, which means "to enjoy" in Malay, is a skateboarding video released by éS in 2000. It features their team in a straightforward skate video, meaning no skits, pranks, or other shenanigans. Each skater’s part is preceded by an introduction that provides a cultural skate perspective of where they come from, at times with subtitles to boot. The music, most of which is instrumental, covers a range of genres from calm to upbeat, Hip hop music|hip-hop to rock music|rock.

éS YéS![edit]

The éS team is currently filming for their next video, entitled YéS!, which should be released sometime in 2007. There are only two skaters left who starred in Menikmati who still ride for éS: Rick McCrank, and Rodrigo Teixeira.

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