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The banned list I use for my 3.5 games (the Wall of Cheese)[edit]

If you've got a question as to why a particular item is on the Wall of Cheese, ask and I'll be happy to answer. You may not like my logic, but it's what I've got :-P

Banned Classes[edit]

  • Artificer (only for NPCs)
  • Lion Totem Barbarian variant
  • Magical Swordsage variant
  • Domain Wizard variant
  • Spell to Power Erudite variant

Banned Prestige Classes[edit]

  • Rainbow Servant
  • Verminlord
  • Dweomerkeeper
  • Tainted Scholar
  • Hulking Hurler
  • Halfling Outrider
  • Frenzied Berserker
  • Planar Shepherd
  • Master of Many Forms
  • Thrallherd

Banned Feats[edit]

  • Initiate of Mystra
  • Divine Metamagic
  • Sanctum Spell
  • Leadership
  • Dragon Wild Shape
  • Wild Cohort
  • Item Familiar
  • Vow of Nonviolence
  • Troll-Blooded
  • Undead Leadership
  • Snow Tiger Berserker
  • Crafting Feats (Don't need them with Complete Gear variant)

Banned Items[edit]

  • Thought Bottle
  • Candle of Invocation
  • Dust of Sneezing and Choking
  • Wilding Clasp
  • Starmantle Cloak
  • Black Sand
  • Glyph Seals

Banned Spells[edit]

  • Consumptive Field, Greater Consumptive Field
  • Magic Disjunction
  • Lesser Celerity, Celerity, Greater Celerity
  • Shrink Item
  • Polymorph Any Item
  • Gate
  • Love's Pain
  • Shapechange
  • Enhance Wildshape
  • Genesis
  • Ice Assassin

Banned Powers[edit]

  • Syncronicity
  • Affinity Field
  • Bestow Power
  • Forced Dream

Banned Templates[edit]

  • Saint
  • Evolved Undead
  • Divine Minion

Banned Misc[edit]

  • Festering Anger disease
  • Black Lotus poison
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