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welcome to the fat kid with no candnys page(thing)... ive been a long time fan of this site and have used the homebrewed part as a wonder insipring tool. but alas im tired of not having an acount on this page. so im going to try to benifit from this whole learning experience. ive been a long time player and now are expanding my veiws of the dnd univerce by becoming a GM for my fellow nerd(ish) group. and its hard as f***... just sayin. so my hat goes of to the DMs and GMs that make players happy, and ive made this comitment to learn from the best. and from the months that ive spent reading page alfter page ive come to the conclusion that you ladys and gentlemen are indeed the best. please welcome me to your comunity and be nice to the new guy.

oh and remember: when the kender says "oops"., dont ask him/her what. just run the way that seems safeist.

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