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Stella Argnon[edit]

Race= Mitocabra (5e Race)

Classes and Levels= Fighter/1

Background= Folk Hero

Alignment= Neutral Good

Deity= Kiri-Jolith (LG) (Dragonlance Setting)


Saving Throws= Strength and Constitution

Armor= Shields and All Armor

Weapons= Simple and Martial Weapons

Tools= Woodcarvers Tools

Vehicles= Land

Languages= Dwarvish and Common

Proficiency Bonus= 2

Ability Scores

Strength= 14/2

Dexterity= 14/2

Constitution= 17/3

Intelligence= 12/1

Wisdom= 10/0

Charisma= 8/-1


Strength= +4

Dexterity= +2

Constitution= +5

Intelligence= +1

Wisdom= 0

Charisma= -1

Skills and Stats

Hit Points= 13/13

Armor Class (With Shield)= 15

Armor Class (Without Shield)= 13

Experience= 35

Initiative= 2

Passive Perception= 12

  • Athletics (Str)(P)= 4
  • Acrobatics (Dex)(P)= 4
  • Sleight of Hand (Dex)= 2
  • Stealth (Dex)= 2
  • Arcana (Int)= 1
  • History (Int)= 1
  • Investigation (Int)= 1
  • Nature (Int)= 1
  • Religion (Int)= 1
  • Animal Handling (Wis)(P)= 2
  • Insight (Wis)= 0
  • Medicine (Wis)= 0
  • Perception (Wis)(P)= 2
  • Survival (Wis)(P)= 2
  • Deception (Cha)= -1
  • Intimidation (Cha)(P)= 1
  • Performance (Cha)= -1
  • Persuasion (Cha)= -1



Leather Armor 11+2 (Dex Mod) 10 lbs.

Shield +2 AC 6 lbs.


Longbow 1d8+2 Piercing Damage, Range (150-600) 2 lbs.

Battleaxe 1d8+2 Slashing Damage, Versatile 1d10+2 Slashing Damage 4 lbs.

2 Handaxes 1d6+2 Slashing Damage, Range (20-60) 4 lbs.


20 Arrows 1 lb.

Dungeoneer's Pack 61.5 lbs.

Woodcarver's Tools 5 lbs.

Shovel 5 lbs.

Iron Pot 10 lbs.

Common Clothes 3 lbs.


Belt pouch containing 10GP

Carrying Capacity and Weight

Current Encumbrance= 111.5 lbs.

Encumbered= 70 lbs.

Heavily Encumbered= 140 lbs.

Maximum Carrying Capacity= 210 lbs.

Push, Drag or Lift= 420 lbs.

Feats, Features and Abilities[edit]

Rustic Hospitality (Folk Hero Feature)

Racial Abilities

Speed= Your speed is 30ft but cannot be reduced by carrying capacity or armor

Remarkable Stability= You have advantage on any saving throw against being knocked prone or being forcibly moved

Sheer Rock Climber= You can climb sheer rock faces at half of your movement speed (rounded up)

Goat-Like Pupils= You are proficient with (wisdom) Perception checks

Fleet of Foot= Your speed is 30ft

Burst of Speed= You can take the Dash action as a bonus action on your turn

Naturally Nimble= You are proficient with (dexterity) Acrobatics checks

Class Features

Fighting Style (Protection)= As a reaction when an enemy targets a friendly creature within 5ft of you, you may impose disadvantage on the attack roll

Second Wind= You may use a bonus action to regain 1d10+1 hit points regaining the use of this ability at the end of a short or long rest

Backstory and Appearance[edit]

Stella Argnon was never understood by her family or clan. She always wanted to learn how to fight despite it being against her father's (Gordus) wishes; perhaps his refusal to entertain the notion fueled her even more. Stella would practice with makeshift weapons in the woods at the base of the mountain until she became proficient at fighting sticks and falling leaves. One day, a member of the clan went to forage for food. However, he came back, several armed men in tow. Walking between the men was a well dressed fellow who claimed that this land--the land Stella's family had cared for throughout generations-- now belonged to him, in addition to all the gold within the mines. "Gold?" said Stella's father, his confusion bold across his face, "We 'aven't got no gold 'ere." The man who called himself Count Morrison Hemlock, simply chuckled and snapped his fingers, and the armed men began cutting down the clan's warriors. When Stella's father tried to attack the man, but he was stabbed through the back by his own bannerman, the very same man who came back with the scoundrel in the first place. Count Hemlock thrust three pieces of silver into the traitor's hand and sent him on his way. Stella learned that day how easily people are bought and how hard it is to trust one's companions. In the following days, the three armed men managed to virtually enslave the clan, working them hard in the mines, trying to find the gold, while remaining ignorant to the fact that only spare stone and coal could be found here. However, Stella hatched a plan to help them take back their home. Late one night, she began recruiting members of the clan one-by-one to teach them to use their pickaxes, hoes, shovels and other implements as weapons. The clan already outnumbered the guardsmen three to one, so now all they needed was training. After a week of practicing, the clan waited for night to fall before descending upon two of the guards, who were drunk and heavy with mead. The third guard stood watch, but failed to notice the approaching clansmen. They smashed into the guards' tent, swinging stones and shovels, easily overpowering and killing the three guards. Following this victory, the clan ran toward the main tent with Stella at the lead. When they got there, it was empty. The coward must have heard the commotion and fled into the night. Stella was celebrated as a hero but she bid her clan farewell. She left with the goal of finding Count Hemlock and bringing him down for what he has done. In addition, Stella recognized her clan's recently attained strength and fortitude, and set off to equip weaker villages and clans with the same skills. With a full heart and her battleaxe, she set off to bring peace and fairness to the world.

Defining Event= I trained the peasantry to use weapons against a tyrant's soldiers

Personality Trait= I have a strong sense of fair play

Ideal= People deserve to be treated with respect (good)

Bond= I protect those who cannot protect themselves

Flaw= I have trouble trusting my allies


Age= 152 years

Eyes= Bright blue

Hair= Red and curly. Extends to her waist with her two stub horns just barely visible through it.

Fur= Same color as her hair but short and coarse like a goats hair

Skin= Light tan with darker freckles on her face and shoulders

Height= 4'3"

Weight= 170 lbs.

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