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Who am I[edit]

My name is Drew, I go to palisades high, and i have only been playing DnD for about a year. I got all my books from my dad and had always wanted to play but couldn't find anyone to play with. (apparently its not considered "cool") I found that group that secretly wanted to play, of course i let everyone know i play, and as i suspected, no one cares.

I Contribute to my community as well. I am a varsity football player, and therefor the kiddy's look up to me, I see it as not only expected, but required that i am a model to be followed.

I joined DnD wiki only a few days ago, but i have submitted as often as possible. I am working on helping with the to do list, I figure since the owner pays money to get this site up, the least i can do is help him with his work.


Email messenger I have yahoo messenger... Drew_Major2003

My only weakness[edit]

Grammer issues while typeing. I dont fool around, when i want it done, it gets done, the only problem is i speed type and i forget to do capitolization, puntuation, etc.

So, if you can, look through my contributions and please maybe do some editing...

What i have contributed[edit]





I am available to help[edit]

If anyone needs help editing a page, or posting an idea, feel free to ask me, i think everyone with an idea should be able to voice it. Just pop in and post it on my talk page, or throw me an email

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