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Under People[edit]


Under People live deep inside the earth, unseen by any other humanoids until very recently. No more than a few years ago a group of dwarves were mining for ore when they came upon a natural cave. In this cave they found a small, primitive village made of stone that seemed abandoned. As they began to explore the cave they found remains of what seemed to be humans, but they didn’t find any living people. The dwarves decided to make camp in the town and explore more of the cave after they were fully rested.

As the dwarves set up camp in the village, a young dwarf named Agdunn Agehammer went exploring on his own. He didn’t walk for long before he saw something move in the darkness. He saw a shadow move not more than thirty feet away from him, but when he tried to follow the shadow it disappeared. He looked for the shadow for a long time but he could not find anything. Agdunn decided to go back when he realized that his torch was about to run out of light. He let out a curse (not suitable to mention) and the light went out. No more than a few seconds later, he saw that the shadow was standing only forty feet away from him. They stood there looking at each other for several minutes and the shadow began moving towards him; Agdunn was too scared to move and didn’t move a muscle.

Only a few feet away from Agdunn, the human-like creature fell and lay still in the darkness. As the minutes passed Agdunn regained his courage and slowly he walked towards the creature. When he was right in front of the creature, it grabbed his ankle with a firm hand, looked at him with closed eyes and spoke a cruel and harsh language Agdunn didn’t understand, where after it fainted. Agdunn was shocked and didn’t know what to do, and so he decided to help the creature. He carried it back to his camp.

When he neared the camp the creature awoke and began to scream while covering his eyes. One of the older dwarves told everybody to turn out the torches and hold down the creature. The dwarves soon discovered that the creature is like a human, but it had lived underground for so long that any light hurt it's eyes and it had a very keen sense of hearing. Over the next two years the dwarves taught the so-called Under People how to make weapons and how to become more sophisticated; the Under People became strangely close to the dwarves, seeming that they have a lot in common.

The Under People have now become a resident in the dwarf city, where they have been allowed to live until such a time as they can learn to live above ground in daylight. So far the dwarves have only found one group of Under People, and as far as the Under People know they are the only ones of their kind.


The Under People have a very shy personality, and they usually have a hard time trusting the other races. The only race that the Under People truly trust is the dwarves who found them deep underground. They don’t judge on the way someone looks, as they themselves are blind to light, they just have a hard time trusting anybody other than their people.

Physical Description[edit]

The Under People usually stand about 5 feet tall and weighs about 100-150 pounds. They usually look thin and, because they have adapted to having very little food to eat, they can survive on half of what a normal human would eat a day. Their skin is pure white and their hair is gray. You usually cannot see their eyes, but they are pure white with slightly gray pupils. They have very long and pointy ears, usually between 8 and 15 cm long. The ears point back along the neck and give them the ability to hear an enemy up to 60 ft away. They don’t care for jewelry, and they will only carry what they need in case they need to move quickly.


The Under People are not familiar with any other races except dwarves. Because the dwarves were the ones to find them and introduce them to the modern society, they have not yet been able to meet many other races. Under People have met gnomes, human, and goblins, but the only race they trust fully is the dwarves. The Under People have a hard time learning about new cultures as they cannot see during the day and they do not feel comfortable around members of the races unknown to them. The Under People's only natural enemy is the goblins. Fights over food and space is one of the main reasons the Under People have been reduced to a small tribe of less than a hundred.


The Under People have never known evil or good in their tribe, and have only known of them from what the dwarves have taught them. They usually tend to do what they think is right.

Under People's land[edit]

The Under People have always lived in caves deep under the earth, and of the few things that the Under People have shared with the dwarves they have been attacked by several races until their tribe has been reduced to less than a hundred Under People. They do not know if there are any more tribes somewhere under the earth. Their only form of "land" is the small cave where the dwarves found them.


The Under People have only been above ground for about two years, and in that time most of them have used their time to learn about the world. But there has been one Under Person that went adventuring. His name was Fau and a lot of the young ones want to be like him. However most of the Under People do not like to adventure, they find it to be too dangerous and they think that it is reckless to go adventuring when your race is so close to extinction. The best reason for an Under Person to adventure would be to try and find more Under People in the world, to find out if they really are the last of their kind.


The Under People have always believed that the earth is a god itself, and were therefor shocked to find that many believe otherwise. They call their deity Allya the earth mistress, and whenever they refer to the earth they always call it Allya. The Under People see Allya as being everything that has something to do with the earth, like water, air, sun, plants, and all living things on the earth itself. When choosing a deity it must always be Allya, and when choosing a domain you can choose from the following: air, fire, water, earth, plant, and sun domains.


Language the Under People have their own cruel language which is called Agrami. So far they, and a few dwarves, are the only ones who know how to speak the language. This language has not yet been written and can therefor not be used to write.


There are very few names used in the under people tribe. The male names are usually the names of a deceased family member. The female names are a little different; Under People females are seen as the givers of life and all their names always sounds like Allya the mistress of earth. Once every 200 years a female that has the name of their goddess Allya dies, and when that happens the tribe will gather around the corpse and eat it so they may gain Allya's strength and wisdom, then the next female child to be born will be given the name Allya. The Under People believe that Allya will give a little of her strength and wisdom to the female that carries her name, and when that female dies the goddess will give the next born female in the tribe the same power. There can only be one in the entire tribe named Allya. Male names: Agrunn, Amanni, Leme, Grui and Fau. Female names: Alia, Alini, Amila, Allania and Allya.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Medium: as medium creatures under people have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Because the under people have had to fight for survival for so long they have a very flexible body and have become very enduring and gain a ability bonus of +4 dex and +2 con but they are thin and don’t eat much so they gain – 2 str and because they haven’t had any contact with the outside world they gain -2 int. the under people are very pale and have a very crude body type and gain -2 to cha.
  • Under peoples base land speed is a little bit more than a normal human, as they have had to live their life running away. Base land speed 40ft.
  • The under people gain the earth sense as a racial feat.(see last page for info)
  • Having survived of small amounts of food their entire life they only need to eat and drink half of what a human does.
  • The under people have lived under ground for so long that their eyes have adjusted to the darkness and the light will hurt their eyes, there for all under people must have a headband around their eyes at all time during the day. If they do not the under people will gain -2 to dex and -2 to wis and – 2 to int as the sun will hurt their eyes and they will have a hard time concentrating and thinking and they will also become dazzled. When the light has hit their eyes they are unable to focus making them unable to use earth sense for 4d4 rounds. When in a low light vision area (like at a fire place) they cannot look directly at the source of light and will turn their back to the source.
  • The under people have a very keen sense of listening and gain +10 bonus on listen checks. They are all trained to survive from birth and gain a +4 bonus to survival.
  • The under people have very good eyes in the darkness and have dark vision 60ft color.
  • Having never before written or read the under people have a hard time learning and must there for use cross class skill points all knowledge skills. And they gain a -2 to all skills that includes reading and writing.
  • Because the under people have such a hard time trusting other races all diplomacy and bluff checks made against the under people have a -4 chance of success (does not count for dwarfs and other under people).
  • Having lived under ground the under people never learned about the way of magic and they find the use of arcane magic to be un logical and will not use it. Under people cannot use any kind of arcane magic.
  • The under people are almost extinct and they believe in punishing themselves if someone they care about get hurt or ends up in danger because of them. All under people do this voluntarily as they want to punish themselves for what they have done wrong. They use a ceremonial bone knife to make a straight cut along the surface of their skin. They determine how long the cut must be depending on what the Pearson did. This bone knife does 1d4 non-lethal dmg.
  • Earth sense: earth sense is a racial feat which allows a creature to be able to sense the vibrations in the earth and using them to locate any living creature or object within 30ft of him/her, if the target creature does not touch the ground this feat have no effect. Using move silently will not eliminate the effect of this feat. This feat cannot only be used to locate the target creature/object it can also be used to sense the creature/objects attacks (if using an movement to attack within 30 ft) Ex. At worrier uses his sword to swing at the creature with earth sense, the creature can sense his arm moving as long as he has contact to the ground in any way. This feat requires a lot of concentration and can only be used when you are unable to use your eyes.

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