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Ultra Greatsword[edit]

Martial Melee Weapons[edit]
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Ultra Greatsword 130 GP 2d12 Slashing 50-75 lb. Heavy, Two-Handed, Reach, Unwieldy

An ultra greatsword is a type of sword that marks the end of time where weapons simply got larger as swordsmiths became better and a practical limit to what any one man could carry into the battlefield while became apparent. This sword, building on what was already a greatsword is anywhere from 7 to 10 ft. long, made from a thick metal that no normal man could be expected to carry and a handle with enough room for three normal hands. This solid piece of metal is known as an ultra greatsword, the brand of only the strongest of warriors. These include, but are not limited to the German Zweihander or Guts' Dragonslayer.

Unwieldy. You remove your Proficiency Bonus from your attack roll when using this weapon as a Medium-sized creature. If your creature size is Small or smaller then you can't use this weapon. If you are Large or larger you can use this weapon normally, as if this weapon property wasn't present, however, you must still meet the normal prerequisites.


Strength 18: The sheer weight of such a weapon means only the strongest can wield it in battle

Dexterity 11: Even those strong enough to wield such a blade must be able to move fast enough to use it in combat.

Special Prerequisites

Strength 23: Your sheer strength has allowed you to overcome the disadvantages wielding this weapon previous caused you to have and you are treated as if you are a large creature but only in terms of the weapons Unwieldy weapon feature.

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