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The vampire’s powers of persuasion have led more than one weakwilled humanoid into its deadly clutch of intimacy. Though it seems impossible that any child could result from such a union, tales of humanoids possessing some of the vampire’s physical and mental prowess abound. These pale, haunted creatures are inevitably cloaked in mystery and deception, for even good-aligned descendants of vampires fear retribution from those mistaking them for the undead.

Vampire Bloodline Traits
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 on Climb checks
2nd +2 on Climb checks Stealthy
3rd Strength +1
4th +2 on Climb checks Stealthy Resistance to cold 5 (Ex)
5th Vampire affinity +21
6th Strength +1 +1 to natural armor
7th +2 on Search checks
8th Stealthy Resistance to cold 5 (Ex) Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex)
9th Charisma +1
10th Vampire affinity +21 Lightning Reflexes
11th Vampire affinity +41
12th Strength +1 +1 to natural armor Alertness
13th +2 on Sense Motive checks
14th +2 on Search checks Improved Initiative
15th Dexterity +1
16th Resistance to cold 5 (Ex) Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex) Suggestion 1/day (Sp)
17th Vampire affinity +61
18th Charisma +1 +1 to natural armor
19th +2 on Bluff checks
20th Vampire affinity +21 Lightning Reflexes Damage reduction 5/silver
  1. You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with vampires.

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