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Ranger Variant: Planar Ranger

The planar ranger roams the multiverse instead of the wilderness, learning the secrets of the elemental planes, the glorious Seven Heavens, and the horrible Abyss.

Class skills: Eliminate Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge(dungeoneering) from the ranger's class skill list.

Add Knowledge (the planes) and Speak Language(Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Ignan, Infernal, Terran only) to the ranger's class skill list.

Class features

The planar ranger has all the standard ranger class features, except as noted below.

Wild empathy: A planar ranger takes no penalty on wild empathy checks made to influence magical beasts with the celestial or fiendish templates. However, he takes a -4 penalty when using this ability against animals.

Animal companion: A nonevil planar ranger may have a celestial version of a normal animal as his animal companion. A nongood planar ranger may have a fiendish version of a normal animal as his animal companion.

Spellcasting: A planar ranger's spellcasting ability is largely unchanged from that of the standard ranger, with one exception: Any ranger spell that normally effects animals also affects celestial or fiendish versions of animals when cast by the planar ranger.

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