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Elemental, Water

The bloodline of elemental water is most common among the water-breathing races, but it also manifests among sailors and fishermen, and even the occasional character with no link whatsoever to oceans, seas, or large lakes. Such characters are often independent-minded, and generally don’t live in any one place for very long.

Water Elemental Bloodline Traits
Minor Intermediate
2nd +2 on Swim checks
4th +2 on Swim checks Power Attack
6th Strength +1
8th Power Attack Fog cloud 1/day (Sp)
10th Water elemental affinity +21
12th Strength +1 +1 to natural armor
14th +2 on Spot checks
16th Fog cloud 1/day (Sp) Swim 30 ft.2
18th Constitution +1
20th Water elemental affinity +21 Improved Bull Rush
  1. You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with water elementals.
  2. Or +30 ft. to existing swim speed.

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