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Typhoid Fever (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Typhoid Fever (Ex)
Infection DC: 16 (Contact, Inhalation, Injury)
Incubation: 1-4 days
Damage: Nauseated or confused, possible ability damage

Also known as bilious fever, enteric fever, or yellow jack.

Typhoid fever is fatal if left untreated for more than 2 weeks. It causes headache, then coughing, and then very high fevers (104 degree Fahrenheit), delirium, and lengthy coughing. Rose-colored spots may appear one-third of the time, abdomen may become distended, diarrhea or constipation, and bleeding intestines may also occur. This generally leads to septicaemia and death.

If the PC fails the check by more than 5 points, s/he becomes confused.

If the PC fails the check by more than 10 points, takes 2d4 Con damage as well as being confused.

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