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Tuberculosis (3.5e Disease)

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Name: Tuberculosis (Ex)
Infection DC: 26 (Inhalation, Contact)
Incubation: 3-4 or 5-6 weeks
Damage: Exhausted or fatigued, confused or prone, staggered or helpless, possible permanent ability damage (see description)

Tuberculosis has many names: TB, consumption, phthisis, scrofula, wasting disease, white plague, king's evil, Pott's disease, and gibbus. Some speculate that it may explain vampirism (as the appearance of a TB sufferer is similar to a vampire).

TB causes chest pain, bloody and/or lengthy coughing, fever, chills, night sweats, loss of appetite (and consequently weight loss), pale skin, fatigue. It is spread easily; a simply cough can spread it through the air in alarming speed, as well as spitting, sneezing and speaking. The disease spreads slowly through the body, so it may take time to show up.

If the PC fails the check by more than 5 points, s/he is considered fatigued, confused, and staggered (at 3-4 weeks).

If the PC fails the check by more than 10 points, s/he is considered prone and helpless (at 5-6 weeks).

If the PC fails the check by more than 5 points, and has any other illness at the time of contracting TB, s/he suffers 1d3 Str and 1d3 Con ability damage (permanent).

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