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True Love[edit]

You've found that one person who is your truest of true loves.
Benefit: Any rolls that help the object of your affections gets +4. However whether of not something qualifies is up to the DM. Plus, any roll connected to a sort of situation which would call for an effort to put Hercules to shame gets +6. It's once again up to the DM what qualifies. Although as a basic guideline, something like carrying the character up a mountain because they're sick and can only be treated (for whatever reason) at the top. That kind of thing. By mountain I really mean enormous cliff. Or shifting rubble to get the person who was trapped due to a cave-in. Also, when you and your love are adjacent to each other in combat, you both just naturally fight together, allowing you to switch places as a minor action, as well as getting a +2 to attack and damage rolls. Plus, should someone be trying to impersonate the one you love, you get +5 to the relevant skill used to detect the impersonation.
Drawback: When the one you love is below 1/10 of their max hp, your first priority becomes protecting them. If it means fighting through a horde of monsters to get to them, you'll try it. If it means leaving the rest of your teammates to die, you'll do it. If it means a town and everyone in it gets destroyed in the most terrible way unimaginable, you'll let it happen. That's not to say that you would be oblivious to your surroundings, after all, you can't help them if you get yourself killed. Plus, you tend to agree with whatever the person wants, not to any extreme degree though. You wouldn't for example kill yourself if they asked, because then how would you protect them. As well, any time you are separated from the one you love, all rolls get -1. This increases by -1 for every 2 hours you're separated. This tops at -15. For the intents and purposes of this trait, separation is when you can no longer see or hear the character in question. Should this person die, your character gets -10 to all rolls permanently, since your character wants to die. If their death is somehow your characters fault, which is determined by the DM, it's -15, since they are quite frankly trying to die.
Special: This trait can only be taken if another person in your party takes it as well, with the intention that both of your characters are in the deepest of loves. Also, this trait can be obtained after character creation. Well, okay, I know I said only, but you can have it just by yourself, but seeing as how you are so in love yet the person doesn't see you like that, you take a -2 to ALL rolls, also, there has to be a specific player-controlled character you've fallen in love with, this stacks onto the -1 from being separated. The -2 doesn't affect rolls that would somehow help this person. However, THAT is ultimately determined by the DM. Although if the DM says that defending against this huge attack that would crush said person ISN'T a prime example of this situation, then maybe you should get a new DM.

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