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Tricks are minor traps. They are designed to harass and annoy rather than cause damage, or otherwise they are hastily prepared snares and pitfalls that are less effective than standard traps.

Like minions, they are worth one quarter of a standard trap for that level.

Trick Designing Tricks[edit]

  • Skill DCs to detect or disarm a trick is 2 less than a standard trap for that level. (Example: DC 20 Perception to spot a level 5 pressure plate.)
  • Damage caused is similar to that of a minion of the same level (see DMG 2)
  • Tricks that can be physically attacked, like minions, have 1 hit point but are never damaged by a missed attack.
  • Unless otherwise stated, a trick can only be triggered once.

Example Tricks[edit]

Covered Pothole (Level 1 trick, 25 XP)[edit]

  • Trick: Two squares contain camouflaged potholes, each a few feet deep.
  • Perception: DC 18: The character notices the fake floor.
  • Trigger: The trick attacks when a creature enters either of the trick's squares.
  • Immediate reaction, Melee
  • Target: The creature that triggered the trick.
  • Attack: +4 vs. Reflex
  • Hit: The target stumbles into the pothole, takes 4 point of damage.
  • Miss: The target returns to the last square it occupies.
  • Effect: The target ends its move action immediately. The square containing the pothole becomes difficult terrain.
  • Countermeasures:
    • An adjacent character can trigger the trick as a standard action; DC 8 thievery.
    • A pothole can be jumped over; DC 6 (running) or DC 11 (from standing) athletics.

Brick Drop (level 1 trick, 25 XP)[edit]

  • Trick: Bricks held in a net in the ceiling fall onto a target square and make a burst 1 attack.
  • Perception:
    • DC 18: The character notices the net suspended from the ceiling.
    • DC 20: The character notices peg and wire in the target square.
  • Trigger: The trick attacks when a creature enters the target square, knocking the peg and wire.
  • Immediate reaction, Close burst 1
  • Targets: creatures in burst.
  • Attack: +4 vs. Reflex
  • Hit: 4 damage
  • Miss: 2 damage
  • Countermeasures: An adjacent character can either trigger (DC 8 thievery) or disable (DC 23 thievery) the trick as a standard action.

Bamboo Shoot (level 2 trick, 31 XP)[edit]

  • Trick: One square in the room contains a hidden, sharpened bamboo shoot, which thrusts out when a tripwire is triggered.
  • Perception:
    • DC 18: The character notices the tripwire.
  • Trigger:' When a creature enters the trigger square, they are attacked by the bamboo shoot.
  • Opportunity action, melee
  • Target: creature on trigger square
  • Attack: +7 vs. AC
  • Hit: 4 damage
  • Countermeasures: May leap over trigger square with DC 6 (or DC 11 without running start) Athletics check. An adjacent character may disarm the tripwire with a DC 23 Thievery check, or simply cut it to automatically trigger the trap.

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