Treasure 6 (Zyanya Supplement)

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crystal opal figurine of a Blackbird.

diamond-eyed crystal dragon figurine

glistening gold dragon figurine

plain white opal figurine of a Behemoth

shiny mossy opal figurine of a Dog

simple rainbow opal figurine of a Hippocampus

old masterpiece painting

glowing gold-trimmed ivory tome

gold-leafed vellum tome bound in basilisk hide

heavy ancient orichalcum bound tome of spells

luminar inlaid orichalcum bound grimore of elvish religious rituals

massive heavy runesilver covered book

pen and quill set, wrought silver, of extraplanar origin

ruby-studded steel vambrace

woven black dragon skin bracers

a mantle with a black silk lining and a black velvet outer face that is adorned with beaded stars and geometric shapes, with one moonstone set into the center of each of the 36 stars; the mantle was created for a tall human and needs a pin to be worn correctly

elaborate jade silk palla

golden monocle

a half-mask of black velvet backed by leather, its lower edge trimmed with tiny teardrop citrines. There are 16 small citrines and six 6 slightly larger gems

red and gold feathered phoenix mask

sapphire inlaid silver faerie mask

rune etched ivory backsheath

gold and topaz bottle stopper cork

golden bottle stopper with golden sapphire crown

platinum bottle stopper with emerald crown

bracelet made of 46 tiny white pearls strung together on gilded wire, fastened with a clever hook and loop clasp

diamond inlaid gold bracelet

wrought platinum armband

belt buckle, decorated with brown-green garnets

ivory bracelet

a silver cloak pin, fashioned in the shape of a griffon's head (side view, facing right) with a ruby as the eye

antique blue sapphire brooch

large silver cloak pin, griffon design

mithril brooch with aquamarine stones

radiant gold-trimmed amber circlet of flames

bright black ruby rose-shaped earring.

hexagonal opal earring

pair of elegant black pearl dangle earrings

pair of exotic sapphire earrings

tiny diamond snowflake earring

winged serpent emerald stud

black sapphire trimmed silver anklet with a toe ring

intricate ivory anklechain

wrought gold anklet

gold dragon comb with red garnet eye

amber imbedded drathain collar

Carved sapphire bluebird pendant

emerald studded gold chain

enchanting black opal serpent on a red cord

engraved green diamond jeweled silvery diadem

Fire opal inlaid luminar locket

hand-carved black sapphire dragon choker

heart shaped blue ruby pendant

heart-shaped black opal pendant

phylactery, silver with fire opal gemstones

rose shaped gold pendant

spidery moonsilver and emerald choker

spiraling star-shaped emerald necklace

wrought silver and gold collar

jackal etched moonstone prayer beads

large amber prayer beads

large onyx prayer beads

large weathered amber prayer beads

beautiful emerald and amber oak tree ring

emerald embedded platinum circle of wolfhounds

entwined pearl band of love birds

Grimsilver ring emblazoned with an etched ruby eye and flame

large gold ring, curlicue motif, with a claw holding a large round alexandrite gem

moon etched opal equinox ring

opulent green diamond and emerald band

ruby inlaid jackal-etched morbius band

shimmering pale opal ring of marked with the elven rune for magic

sparkling yellow sapphire solitaire ring

wrought silver ring of exceptional workmanship

ruby-eyed bleached wyvern skull

shimmering blue topaz rod

oaken staff, shod with meteoric iron, and smoky quartz gems set in the head

talisman of unknown origin, silver with black opal gemstone

talisman of unknown origin, silver with black star sapphire gemstone

talisman of unknown origin, silver with blue sapphire gemstone

talisman of unknown origin, silver with fiery yellow corundum gemstone

Pearl and jet inlaid bronze brazier

Rune etched gold lamp

Tiny silver music box etched with a lute

twisted grim-silver inlaid iron pipes

Dragon shaped silver aspergillum

small runesilver censer etched with runes

Bloodsteel stiletto with a jet inlaid hilt

ceremonial electrum dagger with a star ruby in the pommel

ceremonial silver dagger with a star sapphire in the pommel

ceremonial silver dagger with emerald in the pommel

pirate's hook, mithril, with gold-plated stump set with golden sapphire stones

elaborately hilted silksteel and moonsilver scimitar

ancestral rune-etched steel claymore

sapphire-eyed blue dragon hilted flamberge bastard sword

Silksteel Bastard Sword

Ruby inlaid blackened steel dwarven waraxe

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