Treasure 5 (Zyanya Supplement)

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blackened steel banded mail

Dented bronze banded mail with a scorched shoulder

heavy steelwood brigandine

silver etched steelwood brigandine

meteoric iron chainmail shirt, AC +7, well-oiled and triple-linked

Elf-crafted masterwork moonsilver half-plate mail

heavy regal brushed steel battle-mail

red enameled steel half-plate etched with flames

gleaming white platinum helm

brightly gleaming emerald bear

Glittering silver dragon figurine clutching a pearl

faintly glowing amber skull

well-wrought bizarre idol

well-wrought fertility idol

well-wrought nightmarish idol

miniature scale airship

miniature scale carriage

miniature scale castle

miniature scale ship

old painting, a parable

intricate wool tapestry, depicting a battle

intricate wool tapestry, depicting a rural scene

intricate wool tapestry, a parable

ancient calendar, embellished with turquoise

ancient calendar, silver embellished with jade

intricate solid gold fertility idol

wrought gold picture frame

gem inlaid moonsilver bound grimore of dreamology

hammered gold bound vellum book

hammered gold bound vellum book of elvish legends

fiery etched morbius vambrace

glistening slender belt of golden leaves

opal inlaid silver hairpin

pearl beaded black suede vest

a coffer, 6' x 1' x 2', with gold hinges and catch, made of carved ivory worked into a beveled top, with a battle scene covering the sides and top

a jewel coffer of chased silver, depicting wooded scenes with birds in branches on back and sides, the top is graced by an engraving of a maiden combing her hair while looking into a pool at her reflection

a sarcophagus/casket of bronze sheathed with electrum, worked in an effigy-shape of sleeping form, the face of which is fashioned of gold inlay and its eye sockets once held gems

Heavy moonsilver banded steelwood chest inlaid with arcanum

Hexagon shaped polished gold casket

Hexagon shaped polished gold prayer box

Velvet-lined blueleaf jewelry box inlaid with a single moonstone

Zig-zag etched gold box

pearl inlaid ivory scabard

pearl encrusted moonsilver goblet

golden flask, inlaid with silver designs

wrought gold carving service

intricate moonsilver filigree bracelet

jasmine clasped ivy vine shaped silver bracelet

moonsilver adorned silver belly chain

heavy wrought gold bracelet

intertwined gold hoop bracelet

golden phoenix cloak pin with garnets

coronet, wrought silver and gold

shimmering amethyst filigree circlet of violets

dangly opal and garnet earrings

exotic sapphire earrings

fiery star ruby earring

glittering ruby red tourmaline earring

jade accented pearl drop earring

platinum earrings

sparkling azure topaz teardrop earring

sparkling topaz earring

tiny glimmering emerald leaf

tiny twinkling emerald clover

white pearl gold earrings

Elaborate gold and garnet necklace decorated with winged sphinxes

fiery red ruby jewel

Fine gemstone pendant on a golden chain

gold accented alabaster necklace

heart-shaped indigo ice jewel

moonsilver-stringed sun and moon charm pendant

necklace of ancient pierced coins

opal encrusted gold choker

purple amethyst pendant

wrought silver torque

dangling black ruby teardrop eyebrow ring

tiny black diamond nose ring

Coral and pearl prayer beads

glowing enchanted opal ring

gold filigree violet sapphire ring

horrifying grimsilver ring of necromancy

multicolored black gold rose-shaped ring

platinum knotwork ring set with a ruby

ruby-eyed black opal ouroboros band

sapphire-veined quicksilver engagement ring

shimmering pale blue ice jewel ring

copper bound malachite pendulum

Crystal sphere containing a black crystal sphere

Engraved crystal cube

golden rune embroidered white silk cloth

Hourglass filled with crystal dust

large smooth red crystal pendulum

obsidian sphere

pulsating glyph etched moonstone

rosewood and silver hourglass

Rune-carved iron sphere

Rune-embroidered white cloth

Set of four arcanum horseshoes

small cast iron cauldron

small rune engraved iron crucible

Small rune-etched cauldron

smooth copper alembic

spiral carved metal disk

starsteel bound diamond pendulum

steel balance set

acid etched steel rod

animal etched glass rod

arcanum inlaid steel rod

blood-stained bone rod

dagger etched steel rod

faceted clear crystal rod

heavy black steel rod

lacquered wooden rod

luminous blood spinel ebony rod

mottled turquoise rod

multicolored glass rod

opaque black glass rod

serpentine etched green marble rod

small lightning etched crystal rod

snake-etched green marble rod

spider etched steel rod

triangular red crystal wand

twisted ebony and ash wood rod

rune-etched opal hilted staff

Steelwood staff inlaid with silver spiderwebs

ancient moonsilver tipped gold wand

diamond tipped ivory wand

opal tipped ebony wand

pearl inlaid gold wand

rune-etched opal hilted wand

sapphire tipped teak wand

yew wand inlaid with arcanum

ancient starsteel coin

cloudy crystal soul orb

Spiraling platinum candelabra

arcanum harp strings

beautiful shimmering pearl inlaid lute

Bronzewood harp inlaid with gold

carved harp of darkwood, with jet inlay and ruby gems

carved harp of exotic wood with gold inlay, decorated with sard

carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems

carved harp of exotic wood with jade inlay and emerald gems

Celestial etched silver chimes

cherry blossom etched crystal music box

delicate nightingale etched silver dulcimer

delicate sapphire blue glass flute

delicately crafted gold music box

elegant black pearl inlaid ebony violin

exquisite gold-stringed applewood lap harp

Flamboyant gold-stringed bronzewood harp

frightening blackened bone demon horn

gold music box

Ivy etched silver whistle

moonsilver and blueleaf dulcimer

pearl imbedded silver seal

silver & gold lock and key

double headed moonsilver throwing axe

Drathian Battleaxe

Smilodon-headed steelwood repeating heavy crossbow

ceremonial silver dagger with golden yellow topaz in the pommel

Curved runesilver dagger etched with spiderwebs

Slightly curved silksteel longsword with an elaborate copper-wrapped hilt

luminar inlaid steel morningstar marked with the a holy symbol

twisted black silver rapier

white hilted silksteel rapier set with a single green gem

dragon hilted moonsilver bastard sword

two-handed ruby handled steel sword

crimson hilted moonsilver short sword

Griffon etched bluesteel dwarven urgosh

rune-etched moonsilver war mattock

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