Treasure 4 (Zyanya Supplement)

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burnished bronze breastplate

Chitin Breastplate

copper chased steel breastplate

green mantis carapace

heavy dark oiled leather breastplate

heavy scorched weathered teak breastplate

intricately carved bone breastplate

jackal etched bronze breastplate

light ivy etched ivory breastplate

Lightly patterned steel breastplate

Orichalcum Breastplate

Star etched gold-trimmed steel breastplate

wickedly spiked steel breastplate

an ornamental skullcap of beaten gold cut in the shape of floral vines meeting, curling away and meeting again

Imposing dwarven-style bluesteel helm chased with gold runes

intricately etched moonsilver helm

deceptively simple looking splint mail

dwarf-sized steel splint mail

heavy rune etched bone splint mail

heavy thick banded bamboo splint mail

light silver and gold etched iron splint mail

polished steelwood mail

leafweave armor studded with moonsilver

silver studded pale ivory leather armor

gleaming smokey topaz figurine of a Heron

Glittering silver dragon figurine clutching a crystal

green jade figurine of a Caribou

red jade figurine of a Ostrich

rose quartz figurine of a Fox

shimmering red jade figurine of a Pegasus

sleek silver-eyed onyx dog figurine

small black jade figurine

small carved ivory unicorn figurine

white opal figurine of a Aurumvorax

yellowing ivory statue of a dolphin

bizarre idol

bizarre idol, made of jet

bizarre idol, made of serpentine

fertility idol

crystal snow globe

nightmarish idol, made of serpentine

Cuprum bound spellbook (blank)

flesh bound book of necromancy

grimsilver bound book on vampires

highly polished silver book of alchemy

ivory bound grimore inked in silver

Moonsilver and ivory bound book on celestials

platinum bound tome made of thin hammered steel sheets

Platinum-bound vellum book on demonlore

rune etched lead-bound grimore on dwarven runemagick

starsteel bound and locked wizard’s book

thick rune-inscribed dusty book of spells

electrum bracer worked in mock scales with four circular bosses about it, the center of each boss being a claw holding a small bloodstone

emerald buttoned satin elbow-length gloves

black honey-leather belt pouch with pearl beaded spirals

a fancy cloak, purple velvet

a fancy cloak, silver wolf fur

concealing pitch black gold leaf clasped cloak

floor-length white polar bear hide

gold-threaded star patterned silk scarf

Hieroglyph embroidered blackwork mantle

strange glass monocle

beautiful topaz inlaid silver butterfly comb

pearl imbedded platinum comb

pearl inlaid gold diadem

gruesome malachite inlaid wooden troll mask

onyx eyed gold drake mask

glittering golden spidersilk Runemage's robe trimmed with ruby silk flames

white silk vestments embroidered with thread of gold

Elf-crafted moonstone inlaid steel box

Gem inlaid box

Jeweled silver lockbox

Lightning emblazoned silver chest

Luminar ibis inlaid mahogany box

lustrous garnet studded coffer

silver snuff box with abstract designs

captivating woven silver basket

polished wyvern skin scabbard

Sapphire inlaid silver bowl

small runesilver censer etched with runes

finely made silver mug, celestial motifs, with semiprecious stones for planets

silver flask etched with designs

wrought gold spice set

a cork bottle stopper, fastened by an ornate wire twisting to a large, brilliant-cut topaz

silver bottle stopper with iolite crown

pearl encrusted silver urn

Finely wrought gold bracelet

moonsilver clasped freshwater pearl charm bracelet

shadowy serpentine opal inlaid armbands

dragon-etched moonsilver belt buckle

silver belt, round discs with gold inlays

wrought silver torque bracelet

sapphire imbedded silver brooch

simple platinum cloak pin

heart-shaped grey pearl charm

large grey pearl charm

plain grey pearl charm

small cloudy grey pearl charm

braided shadowy crown of serpents

ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and a jasper set above the brow

ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and a jet stone set above the brow

ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and a moonstone set above the brow

ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and a sard set above the brow

ornamental silver skullcap, with gold inlaid runes and an onyx set above the brow

charming white pearl daisy

glimmering red garnet earring

shimmering lapis inlaid gold earring

silver filigreed turquoise water hyacinth blossom earring

tiny dragon-etched moonsilver ear cuff

topaz imbedded silver earring

translucent apple chrysoprase gold earring

opalescent star patterned moonsilver anklet

silver comb decorated with peridot

silver comb with moonstones

silver comb with small sapphires and an oceanic theme

decorative mask, exotic wood and feathers

choker, wrought silver, with a jet stone pendant

choker, wrought silver, with a moonstone pendant

choker, wrought silver, with a small sapphire pendant

eagle shaped gold torc

etched braided drathain torque

garnet rose on a silver vine pendant

glowing red garnet talisman of fire

golden winged eagle on a silk string

Intricately linked snowflake necklace

jasmine scented pierced moonsilver scentbox

labyrinthine silver knotwork collar

opal-studded blood red velvet choker

pearl encrusted silver choker

Pearl inlaid mirrored locket

pearl inlaid silver holy symbol

polished white ivory amulet

rune-etched pale blue gemstone

shiny blood spinel scentbox

silver-etched hematite chain of draconic runes

sinuous detailed onyx serpentine necklace

sparkling green topaz necklace

sparkling moonsilver jewel

anklechain, made of wrought silver and gold

smooth tiger's eye prayer beads

strand of rune-carved blood red jade beads

unicorn-etched white ivory prayer beads

a ring of carved and beaten gold in curlicue designs, showing a mock beast claw holding a large spherical aquamarine

braided silver and gold ring

carnelian inlaid platinum band

coiled opal-eyed serpent ring

Dragon headed signet ring

glittering red garnet ring marked with the elvish rune for fire

intricately braided moonsilver band

jade inlaid moonsilver ring

knotwork moonsilver ring set with an acid-etched green spinel

Onyx ring carved with a jackal's head

platinum ring

bleached Human skull

furry wrinkled monkey's paw

hideous rune-inscribed demon bone

a fire-blackened oak staff shod with meteoritic steel at its base, the head of the staff is carved in the shape of a fanged serpent with two rubies as eyes

arcanum inlaid sandalwood staff

bluesteel staff inlaid with pale blue and white crystals

Gold inlaid oaken staff

whalebone staff patterned with amber flames

filigree etched silver wand

gold-flecked opaque sunstone wand

luminous crystal wand set with a moonstone

amethyst inlaid silver incense burner

ancient engraved censer

blackened demon skull lantern

Carved tiger-eye badger incense holder

Constellation etched silver firefly lamp with blue glass

faceted dragon-shaped crystal candle holder

Fragile cut crystal firefly lamp, lavender

golden dragon-shaped porcelain lantern

Lapis inlaid bronze censer

large hexagonal green crystal lamp

lavender filled moonsilver censer

Rune-etched bronze brazier

Snowflake shaped glass firefly lamp, rose

Star shaped bronze brazier etched with constellations

a golden flute, of delicate workmanship and mirror-smooth finish

heavy gold-banded horn

small intricate jeweled gold Djinn-etched ocarina

Spiraling silver elvish heralding horn

spiraling silver pipes

star keyed moonsilver flute

copper chamber pot, chased and embossed in a relief design of rampant, stylized dragon, with two emeralds as eyes

lavishly embroidered pale linen pavilion tent

Amber inlaid silver ewer

gleaming pure white brocade prayer mat

a golden ball, dimpled from use but still brightly polished, 3-inch-diameter sphere of solid gold

dice set made of carved amethyst

dice set made of carved malachite

Small runesilver music box

golden shield, decorative, 4 feet tall, depicting a past warrior's conquests

constellation engraved steelwood buckler

gold-trimmed steel buckler

faintly iridescent steel shield etched with celestial runes

gold inlaid heavy steel shield

Gracefully scalloped heavy steel shield emblazoned with a heron

ancient quartz battleworn shield

curved hammered steel tower shield

quiver of black-fletched actar-tipped arrows

gruesome bloody steel battleaxe

steel shafted moonsilver lochaber axe

Curved silksteel dagger with an opalescent hilt

Emerald eyed onyx serpent-hilted silksteel dagger

silver-plated dagger with tourmaline set in the hilt

silver-plated greataxe with chrysoberyl jewel in the hilt

silver and gold inlaid steel abbasi

silver-plated longsword with iolite jewel in the hilt

silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt

pentagram pommelled drathian heavy mace

silver tipped star-pommeled steel light mace

moonsilver hilted steel rapier

silver-plated rapier with amethyst in the hilt

dragon carved bone hilted broadsword

emerald-hilted jagged steel war blade

lion-carved ash hilted katana

seashell inlaid steel trident enameled with blue waves

lead hammer inlaid with silver dwarven runes

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