Treasure 2 (Zyanya Supplement)

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ancestral gold-etched iron helm

demonic looking fire lizard skull helm

eerie obsidian inlaid steel helm

Fur-crested open-faced steel helm

horned morbius gladiator helm

sparkling emerald green serpent scale mask

steel mining helmet

worn vulture etched bronze helm

bone studded bearskin pelt

Claw decorated bearskin armor

heavy gray hide armor etched with a charging rhino

heavy hide armor with fringe decorated with red beads

intricately woven bearskin jerkin

smelly rawhide armor

dark green hunter's jerkin

dark leather armor embossed with a coat of arms

heavy darkwood breastplate painted with black swirls

heavy grey wolfskin tunic

loose fitted buckskin jerkin

mottled snakeskin jerkin

copper trimmed steel scale mail

Darksteel Scalemail

dull black chitin scale mail

enameled bronze scale mail

jade encrusted steelwood scale mail

silver etched steel scale mail

Worn copper ringmail

Copper studded snakeskin armor

dragon emblazoned studded leather armor

eagle branded studded leather mail

ebony leather armor studded with blackened steel

fur-trimmed black studded leather armor

serpentine embossed black studded leather

glittering blue glass figurine of a Dog

ruby-eyed spun glass pixie figurine

carved bloodstone skull

small gold statuette, maiden on a unicorn

false hand, solid silver, with ivory nails

polished electrum mirror, elven visage on the back

beautiful tree emblazoned tome

blueleaf bound journal

bronze banded leather tome

closed dusty leather tome

crocodile bound papyrus tome

Darkwood bound text on anatomy

darkwood bound tome on vampires

Dragon emblazoned leatherbound tome on dragons

embossed indigo leather bound songbook

embossed leather sheath of papyrus scrolls

embossed leather sketchbook

Etched iron-bound tome of songs

forest green ivy-covered tome

fox-fur bound tome with a copper lock

gilded leather tome

Gold inlaid hardwood bound spellbook (blank)

grass-stained leather bound book

honey-suckle embroidered silk covered book

iron reinforced wood bound text

iron reinforced wood bound text on siege engines

Iron-bound text on vampires

iron-reinforced leatherbound text

iron-reinforced leatherbound text on constructs

leaf-weave bound papyrus tome

leather bound cartographer's journal

leatherbound tome embossed with three flying geese

multi-colored feather covered book

peculiar steel-bound octagonal shaped book

rabbitskin wrapped book on geography

rawhide bound parchment journal

shabby cloth bound book embroidered in yellow

silk wrapped leather folio of music

small brown leather bound tome embossed with a bull

small red leather book of poetry

smooth covered leather tome

tattered archaic vellum grimore

thick red silk bound papyrus scroll

thin vellum tome bound in eelskin

white cloth bound vellum tome of magick

white dragon emblazoned tome

white leather-bound songbook set with lapis

crumbling rune-inscribed granite slate

Dazzlingly faceted star - shaped silver inkpot

gold buckled leather scribe’s kit

orichalcum veined crystal stylus

ornamental silver inkpot with blue quartz gems

ornamental silver inkpot with chrysoprase gems

ornamental silver inkpot with citrine gems

ornamental silver inkpot with jet gems

ornamental silver inkpot with moonstone gems

slender polished amber stylus

Small oak writing desk

wolf-shaped crystal inkwell

Ancient calligraphy scroll in Elvish

beautiful ancient vellum calligraphy scroll inked in red

embossed leather sheath of papyrus scrolls on herbology

Flowing calligraphy elven prayer scroll

illuminated parchment prayer scroll

Dragon-embossed leather bracers

Dwarven-style iron gauntlet set with winterstone

Forearm-length hammered copper bracers

forearm-length velvet thorn covered gloves

ivy embossed leather gloves

jade encrusted steel bracers

moonsilver-etched polished steel gauntlets

pair of long iridescent pale green gloves

pair of wolf embroidered jet black suede gloves

spiky blackened iron gauntlets

Translucent gray spidersilk gloves

embossed leather belt with a gold wolf’s head buckle

rune embroidered leather wand baldric

rune-embroidered black and silver velvet sash

tiger embroidered deep grey sash

long red silk skirt

chivalric blue and green broadcloth tabard

dark gray hooded traveler’s cloak

flamboyant red and black satin cape

hooded black clasped panther skin

hooded black leather onyx-clasped cloak

lightning emblazoned black velvet cloak

Lilac gossamer stole embroidered with silver runes

magnificient silver-tipped black bearskin cloak

malevolent hooded velvet rune-embroidered cloak

mink trimmed black velvet cloak

moonsilver clasped black velvet cloak

ribbon tied rose-colored silk hooded cloak

shadowy mink trimmed velvet cloak

shimmering diaphanous sapphire silk wrap

shimmering golden silk palla

shimmering white silk hooded cloak

silver clasped black sealskin cape

Silver constellation embroidered black spidersilk cloak

silver-trimmed snakeskin cloak

snow-leopard-trimmed hooded cloak

stunning emerald green silk lined ermine wrap

Translucent black spidersilk cloak

voluminous blue sandsilk hooded longcloak

cloth of gold vestments

deep indigo runesilk front-laced dress

deep rose-colored runesilk front-laced dress

exquisite dragon embroidered moonsilk sari

lily clasped golden silk sari

off-the-shoulder silk gauze full-length chemise

a monocle made from a polished glass lens in a gold frame, with hooked and pierced side-handle, but without ribbon or cord

pair of grey tinted spectacles

rose-etched creamy white ivory hair stick

sapphire silk headdress

brightly blue jester tarot mask

feathery blue mask with silvery stars

gory darkwood and obsidian horned demon mask

iron spiked leather death mask

mysterious laughing jackal mask

silvery black fur werebeast mask

black damascene spidersilk robes

bluebird embroidered golden silk kimono

dark green and black silk warmage robe

diaphanous pure white silk robe

flowing silver elven robes

long blood red silk sacrificial robes

pale gray spidersilk clerical robes

serpent embroidered silver silk kimono

star patterned brocade robe

voluminous embroidered silk magician's robes

glittering emerald green brocade slippers

heavy black leather boots with silver spurs

jeweled anklet

pair of opalescent glass slippers

silver trimmed black leather calf boots

Blackwork bodice

crimson glyph-etched leather corset

delicate bone-inlaid cotton lace corset

eagle crested silk tunic

green leafweave vestments embroidered with mice

hooded floor-length ebony silk vestment

ribboned clinging ruby red silk blouse

sapphire studded silk waistcoat

soft black velvet gentleman's surcoat

demure pale green silk veil

diaphanous pale blue silk veil

gold-trimmed crimson silk veil

ivy embroidered ivory silk veil

silver-trimmed black spidersilk veil

dove carved rosewood healer's kit

intricately beaded satin bag

silver and gold embroidered brocade treasure bag

small white leather pouch containing a bone-white dust

woven moonsilver silk pouch

Blossom engraved bronzewood box

Carved oak musician’s chest

cleverly interlocking wooden puzzle box

elegantly carved maple chest

hand-carved rosewood coffer

Intricately pierced sandalwood box

iron banded oak strong box

misty glass box containing a translucent sand

platinum snuff box

Small ebony box

star carved rosewood jewelry box

Steel bound hardwood strongbox

brass clasped rosewood jewel case

celestial engraved glass scroll case

harp painted ebony scroll case

knotwork inscribed bronze scroll case

moonsilver trimmed teak scroll case

narrow lacquered teak map case

polished ivory scroll case

shadow banded ebony supply case

silver inlaid bronze-wood scroll case

skull etched bone scroll case

slender snakeskin covered scroll case

star etched bone scroll case

swirl etched bone cylinder containing multicolored sand

tiger-eye encrusted leather scroll case

translucent crystal scroll case

yellowing ivory scroll case

freshwater pearl inlaid hip flask

ornate silver grooming kit

silver studded leather scabard

bluebird painted ceramic washbasin

Silver trimmed rainbow glass decantur

a drinking jack of polished black-and-white horn with silver cap and base

Brass mug with gemstone inlays

gold-banded ivory drinking horn

Gold-trimmed soapstone chalice inscribed with geometric patterns

pewter beer stein, 12 inches tall, gold-plated iron frame and handle, with hunting scenes

silver chalice with eye agate gems

silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems

crystal flagon, polished smooth

gold platter, beaten and pierced, 2 feet x 1 foot oval

ancient red clay ceremonial teapot

bluebird painted ceramic teapot & cups

Butterfly painted delicate blue porcelain tea set

wrought gold eating utensils

Agate inlaid copper armband

electrum bracer with mock scales and four bloodstone gems

electrum bracer with mock scales and four citrine gems

hematite inlaid silver armband

pair of thick ivory bracelets.

Rune engraved hammered silver bracelet

silver hoop bracelet

thin silver bracelet decorated with azurite charms

electrum bodice pin, floral design

rune-etched twisted iron brat pin

bright bronze crown of marigolds

glass crown of mistletoe

moss agate silver earring

black velvet mask with numerous citrines

black velvet mask with numerous lapis lazuli gems

death mask, beaten gold, depicting a noble visage

agate and bear-claw necklace

bear-headed copper torc

burnished copper amulet etched with a sigil on one side and a wolf's head on the other

Carved tiger-eye lion pendant

Copper pegasus pendant

crystal encrusted steel choker

crystal imbedded bronze medallion

delicate creamy white scallop shell necklace

polished agate amulet

shimmering sapphire glass talisman of water

silver-plated steel gorget chased with stellar designs

silver puzzle ring

Delicately pierced soapstone lamp

swirled white and gold candle scented faintly of sandalwood

unicorn-etched glass windowed oil lamp

vulture-headed blood red oil lamp

polished mahogany lyre

small ivory music box

tapered applewood mandolin

wolf-etched darkwood drum

a peg-leg made of gilded wood and set with three large, cabochon-cut ovals of amber

alabaster and crystal chess set

antique carved fortune stones

brass rimmed glass gem magnifier

gold-trimmed ivory hairbrush

gryphon engraved copper compass

handmade deck of fate cards

inscribed bluesteel lockpick

intricately carved ivory bowl pipe

small deck of fortune cards

small gleaming moonsilver tuning fork

shadowy black brocade prayer mat

brightly colored velvet doll

majestic gold dragon puppet

shimmering white plush dragon

shimmering winged velvet dragonfly doll

sparkling stuffed snow faerie doll

spidersilk wrapped mandrake fetish doll

stuffed golden eagle

stuffed thistledown bear with agate eyes

hardened leather buckler

spiked polished bronze buckler

star shaped bone buckler

heavy bronze shield enameled with a blue dragon

large hammered copper shield

silver chased heavy steel shield

silver-trimmed demonic heavy steel shield

wickedly spiked blackened steel shield

silver spiked heavy steel shield

Copper reinforced steelwood targe painted with a griffon

massive lacquered bronzewood shield carved with a jagged lightning bolt

iron spiked round heavy steelwood shield

lacquered bronzewood shield

mottled tortoise shell

silver rose crested black morbius shield

copper spiked oak shield

steel bracers inlaid with copper arrows

razor-sharp serrated steel boomerang (club)

intricately linked steel spiked chain

serpent-headed iron walking stick

Ceremonial dagger inlaid with gems

Jagged bronze falchion with leapardskin scabbard

Skull headed iron dire flail with a bone grip

massive thigh bone embedded with teeth and claws (greatclub)

quartz studded oak greatclub

faceted iron greataxe

silver tipped bronzewood javelin

spiraling steelwood lance

steel tipped mahogany footman's lance

ancient pitted iron longsword

copper banded steel mace

Celestial carved white ash nunchaku

wolf-headed ash walking staff

obsidian tipped leather cat-o'-nine-tails

small serrated steel shortspear

silver-plated sickle, golden handle, druidic vine motif

Painted and feathered ceremonial spear

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