Treasure 1 (Zyanya Supplement)

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soft black leafweave armor

thick cloth robe

woven bark mail

glistening pink clay figurine of a Pig

glossy pink clay figurine of a Pony

green glass figurine of a Camel

green glass figurine of a Cat

green glass figurine of a Crocodile

green glass figurine of a Jackal

green glass figurine of a Osprey

hand-carved bone ogre figurine

hexagonal yellow glass figurine of a Antelope

luminous yellow glass figurine of a Goat

pink clay figurine of a Bird

shimmering yellow glass figurine of a Baboon

sparkling yellow glass figurine of a Buffalo

weathered white clay figurine of a bear

fragment of a stained glass window

carved bone statuette

carved ivory statuette

ivory statuette, warrior leaning on his sword

battered old leather tome

elegantly embossed leather journal

papyrus tome bound with woven rushes

thin tattered hide map

water stained parchment map

black obsidian rune-etched inkpen

iridescent blue gryphon feather quill

pitch black bottle of ink

rosewood and ebony abacus

small bone jar of paint decorated with gaudy colors

steel tipped wooden stylus

bone studded black leather gauntlets

Brassbound leather gauntlet

flame-embroidered thin black leather gloves

forearm-length layered leather gauntlets

gold-embroidered leather archer’s gloves

hardened leather vambrace

leather-laced splinted bone vambrace

pair of dark blue supple calfhide gloves

supple black suede gloves

braided dark leather belt

dove embroidered silk sash

Honey-leather baldric

rune embroidered leather baldric

velvet-lined leather money belt

Colorfully fringed leather leggings

fur-trimmed leather wrap-around skirt

layered black and red spidersilk gypsy skirt

light brown lawn breeches

russet leather breaches

studded black leather kilt

supple brown leather breeches

tasseled red and black cloth kilt

flowing green cotton cloak

heavy leather raincape

hooded black silk cloak

hooded blue broadcloth healer's cloak

hooded shimmering blue cloak

ivory clasped velvet cloak

ivy trimmed wool traveling cloak

riotously colored fringed silk scarf

Silver-embroidered black velvet cloak

snowflake clasped pale blue wool cape

wolf embroidered traveler's cloak

wolfskin cloak

dove clasped silk cleric's alb

pleated white linen clerical alb

blue pearl-beaded pristine formal gown

Delicately beaded paneled gown

elegant crimson silk dress

elegant satin-lined umber velvet gown

Embroidered dress

Exquisite off-white spidersilk gown

flowing forest green spidersilk gown

forest-green velvet dress

heavy black wool mourning dress

satin-trimmed ruby red velvet bodice dress

shimmering lapis blue bodice gown

black leather eye patch

feathered broad-brimmed hat

rolled burgundy velvet headwrap

rune woven broadcloth turban

white linen turban

woven Nomad-style head basket

elegant black satin whiskered mouse mask

intricate feathered masquerade mask

multicolored braided ribbon eye mask

yellow eyed ebony furred cat mask

embroidered silk handkerchief

long colorful silk scarf

skull patterned silk ascot

black wool robes

Blue and green honey-leather tabard

ceremonial embroidered silk robes

dark blue rune-embroidered cowled priest's robe

darkened grey broadcloth hooded clerical robe

flowing silk apprentice mage's robe

flowing silver clasped linen clerical robe

gray thistledown robes

grey wool apprentice robes

long black leather belted robe

long dark grey ebony buttoned wool coat

rough brown cotton robe

silver-trimmed black priest's robe

simple white cleric's alb

beaded pale pink satin slippers

braided brown leather sandals

calf-high black marsh alligator boots

dark brown leather riding boots

elegantly beaded silk slippers

Embroidered gray velvet slippers

fringed black chamois moccasin boots

fur-trimmed black leather calf boots

gray feathered leather boots

gray leather riding boots

heavy steel toe black leather boots

knee high tigerskin boots

knee-high dark blue leather boots

brown honey-leather tunic

crimson suede bodice

dark brown embossed honey-leather vest with ivory buttons

dark brown suede doublet

dark green doeskin bodice

elegant black velvet vest

embroidered cambric shirt

embroidered white cotton shirt

embroidered white linen chemise

Frilly lace and cotton blouse

Honey-leather vest with hidden pockets

ivory buttoned dark blue leather vest trimmed with thread of silver

light fawn-colored tunic

long fitted black velvet coat

loose black spidersilk blouse

raven-feather trimmed brown tunic

brightly colored tasseled silk gem pouch

crushed red velvet coin purse

earthy brown doeskin herbalist's pouch

large fur-lined leather hunter's pack

marigold patterned brocade bag

rune embroidered suede component pouch

small, intricately beaded pouch

artfully carved duskwood cigar box

chased silver jewel coffer with dryad scene

formidable iron banded steelwood strongbox

slightly burnt rosewood box

animal embroidered forest green writing case

ivory scroll tube with silver endcaps

painted bamboo scroll case

painted rawhide scroll case

twisted horn scroll case

woven hemp herb satchel

intricately woven lady's thigh sheath

jackal-etched dark leather wristsheath

leather belted bone scabard

leather strapped bone backsheath

pair of pitch black leather twin backsheathes

sword etched bone sheath

thin leather wrist sheath

etched pewter washbasin

dented green copper tankard

rune-inscribed rosewood goblet

silver ewer

etched pewter pitcher

soapstone mortar & pestle

tightly lidded ceramic canisters

small golden vase, chased with floral patterns

finely wrought small gold bracelet

electrum belt buckle

large gaudy copper belt-buckle

Brass bumblebee brooch

lg. brass bodice pin, sleeping unicorn, with a chalcedony horn

black feathered talisman

brightly ribboned circlet of blue satin roses

dragon shaped bone earring.

silver and amber earring

silver earring

ornamental gold skullcap, vine motif

a finely detailed steelwood owl totem

bison engraved bone hunter's talisman

blueleaf scarab on a braided leather cord

finely detailed steelwood owl totem

large glistening yellow alligator tooth amulet

lovely scented passion flower lei

mummified hand on a braided leather cord

small quartz divining amulet

twisted white silk ribbon choker

compass etched rosewood prayer beads

wheat etched wooden prayer beads

simple wooden holy symbol on a cotton cord

artfully engraved bone ring

beautifully carved oak ring

electrum ring, laughing imp with obsidian eyes

exquisitely carved ivory ring

ivory studded ruby glass mushroom ring

jagged bone ring

Bird etched bronze brazier

Bird shaped bronze lamp

covered star patterned terracotta lamp

soft violet beeswax candle

tiny hooded wooden lightbox

wolf etched black tin bullseye lantern

zig-zag patterned bronze lamp

bear-etched hunting horn

brightly painted calfhide drum

colorful bamboo panpipes

coral inlaid walrus-tusk horn

dragon painted doeskin bodhran

lacquered cedar flute

well-made rawhide tamborine

brightly painted playing cards

dragon shaped rosewood pipe

etched iron sphere

fist-shaped iron bead

golden ball

handmade cherry fishing pole

seashell fingerpick

silver thimble of elven origin

small clay pot of paint

sweet scented thistledown satchet

unadorned cast iron kettle

wicker and bronzewood broom

woven grey wool prayer mat

ceramic doll

colorful spinning top

Fur-trimmed wooden rocking horse

multicolored painted wooden balls

mutilated porcelian doll

small carved toy goblins

small wooden toy sword

toy warrior, bronze with silver trim and blue crystal eyes

ugly woolen ragdoll

wrinkled old Troll puppet

Barbaric feathered rawhide buckler

bronze reinforced mahogany targe

falcon-painted leather covered oak targe

hand-carved heavy steelwood scutum

small painted leather shield

small round applewood buckler

ornate silver arrowheads

highly sharpened brass battle-axe

slender black and red feathered reed blow-gun

quiver of barbed tipped steelwood bolts

red tipped steelwood crossbow bolts

spiral etched steelwood crossbow bolts

small lead sling bullets stamped with a blackbird

gnarled oak cudgel

Rune-carved blackthorn shillelagh

spike embedded large thigh bone

bone handled steel skinning knife

bone hilted iron pugio

bone-hilted obsidian knife

incredibly battered goblin-style dagger

obsidian banded bronze athame

old wooden dagger

Quartz dagger

short bronze throwing dagger

Simple iron scaramax in a beaded sheath

Turquoise and copper belt knife

brass knuckles

pine handled iron tomahawk

decorative golden sword hilt, falcon design

crudely forged iron kukri

battered iron longsword

thick spiked stone mace

pale ash wood quarterstaff

slightly tapered bronzewood quarterstaff

silver tied black leather sap

copper fishing spear

wickedly barbed orc spear

Crude obsidian-headed ashwood spear

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