Treasure 12 (Zyanya Supplement)

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old masterpiece painting, (a beach)

old masterpiece painting, (a bogeyman theme)

old masterpiece painting, (a cautionary myth)

old masterpiece painting, (a comedic event)

old masterpiece painting, (a festival)

old masterpiece painting, (a hero's exploits)

old masterpiece painting, (a mythical tale)

old masterpiece painting, (a religious tale)

old masterpiece painting, (a tragic event)

gold bust, gnomish, decorated with gems

golden sphere, chased with depictions of clouds and sylphs (sapphires for eyes)

iridescent azure spidersilk wings

shimmering hooded cloak of moonlight

shimmering spun moonsilver cloak

a golden comb, its handle carved into dragon's head with a ruby set as an eye

diamond studded silk hairwrap

Bowl made from bloodsteel and set with red garnets

ornate censer, gold with a platinum frame, cut with depictions of a phoenix and several angels

Demon-carved grimsilver chalice set with a star ruby

gold cup set with emeralds

golden goblet set with emeralds

ivory and moonsilver winged dragon goblet

bracelet made of heavy gold and set with six small blue-white diamonds, the bracelet's edges cut in curlicues

golden bracelet, chased in celestial designs, with six diamonds set in each of its plates

a crown made of a thick, soft band of beaten gold, set with 4 large different colored diamonds

beautiful circlet of sapphire butterflies

delicate black diamond tiara

demonic phylactery, gold with black star sapphire gemstones

demonic phylactery, gold with fiery yellow corundum gemstones

phylactery, platinum with emerald gemstones

phylactery, silver with blue sapphire gemstones

phylactery, silver with fire opal gemstones

a pendant consisting of a fire opal with a gilded, fine, twisted-link neck chain

ancestral gold-stringed diamond pendant

ancient black diamond dragon amulet

ancient dragon-etched crystalla coin.

ancient gold choker dangling with a hundred small gold chains

black and white multi stranded pearl choker

blazing white diamond talisman of air

darksteel holy symbol set with a faintly glowing gray gemstone

diamond-encrusted pale blue snowflake pendant

emerald-eyed Arcanum wolf’s head pendant

exquisite pearl and diamond choker

heart-shaped black ruby gemstone

intricate golden locket encrusted with gems

radiant crystalla dragon's tear jewel

red diamond filigree chain of roses

large grey pearl prayer beads

large hexagonal grey pearl prayer beads

large shiny grey pearl prayer beads

softly shimmering emerald prayer beads

wolf etched opal prayer beads

antique black ruby inlaid wedding band

black ruby inlaid moonsilver wedding ring

blue diamond inlaid moonsilver wedding ring

gold and ruby ring

golden ring with large ruby

ornate bronze rod, with silver circles, studded in jet beads, bearing a large black star sapphire set in the tip

ornate bronze rod, with silver rings, studded in garnets, bearing a large rich purple corundum set in the tip

ornate bronze rod, with silver rings, studded in zircon gemstones, bearing a large fire opal set in the tip

ornate silver rod, with gold rings, studded in garnets, bearing a large white opal set in the tip

ruby-tipped black diamond star

angelically etched luminar athame set with a pearl flower

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