Treasure 11 (Zyanya Supplement)

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intricate wool tapestry, (a hero's exploits)

intricate wool tapestry, (a parable)

intricate wool tapestry, (a rural scene)

marble statuette, 12 inches tall, of a warrior, with golden armor

flowing mysterious cloak of darkness

mithril jewel box, inlaid with silver and white gems

bowl, beaten gold, depicting a battle

a cup of the thinnest beaten gold set with a lip-ring of 12 tiny emeralds, the whole item chased and embossed in rings of an abstract pattern (interlocked rings, vertical and horizontal bars interwoven with them)

a platter of chased and pierced gold, delicate and easily damaged, but in good condition, oval-shaped, 2 feet long by 1 foot wide at widest point

platinum brooch with blue sapphire stones

platinum brooch with emerald stones

platinum brooch with white opal stones

silver brooch with small pink diamond stones

delicate emerald-inlaid golden circlet

golden circlet with 4 aquamarines

jeweled gold crown

jewelled gold crown

silver coronet, gem-encrusted

starburst engraved shadowglass circlet

elven anklechain, platinum with clear blue gemstones

gold anklet with pearls, garnets & spinels

a string of small pink pearls

black ruby rose on a string of pale freshwater pearls

golden pearl necklace

meteoric iron necklace with sapphire eye

pink pearl necklace

white pearl necklace

electrum ring encrusted with brown diamond stones

electrum ring encrusted with pink diamond stones

gold filigree adorned diamond marquise band

gold ring, with gems of extraplanar origin

jeweled electrum ring

githzerai talisman, silver with blue sapphire gemstone

golden harp, avian designs, with jet and ruby inlays

silver dice set with golden sapphire pips

angelically etched luminar athame (dagger)

golden sword hilt, inlaid with gems

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