Treasure 10 (Zyanya Supplement)

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well-wrought miniature scale ship

marble statuette, 10 inches tall, of a warrior, with elven mithril armor

glowing moon embroidered black cape

a large bowl made of chased and pierced gold, worked in the design of leaping dragons and spear-armed warriors

black ruby inlaid moonsilver goblet of blood

silver brooch with small blue-white diamond stones

silver brooch with small clear, bright green emerald stones

silver brooch with small clear, sapphire stones

circlet of lustrous marquis black rubies

golden circlet with 4 aquamarines

silver coronet, gem-encrusted

gold anklet with pearls, garnets & spinels

a string of small pink pearls

black ruby beaded leather rope choker

dangling blue ruby teardrop

Detailed pearl mermaid pendant

diamond and sapphire teardrop necklace

glimmering green diamond silver swirled leaf

glimmering knotted orichalcum symbol of eternity

meteoric iron necklace with sapphire eye

tiered strand of pearls with jade accent

dragon etched ruby prayer beads

grey pearl prayer beads

large beautiful grey pearl prayer beads

a ring of red gold, beaten into a long knuckle-coil to resemble a miniature snake coiling about the wearer's finger, with two tiny rubies set into its head as eyes

gold filigree black ruby ring

gold ring, with gems of extraplanar origin

star-ruby inlaid silver signet ring

twinkling jacinth and star-steel ring

githzerai talisman, silver with black opal gemstone

githzerai talisman, silver with black star sapphire gemstone

githzerai talisman, silver with fiery yellow corundum gemstone

sunset engraved moonsilver harp

a chain, 6' long, made of ornamental, gold-plated, triple-interlaced links which are both heavy and strong

silver dice set with aquamarine pips

silver dice set with black pearl pips

silver dice set with golden topaz pips

silver dice set with violet garnet pips

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