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Trailblazer: This simple human-made battleaxe has a broad heavy blade of dark steel. Carved on one side is a campfire, on the other a large tree stump. The haft is long and made of three kinds of wood tightly wrapped in leather cords.

This weapon was crafted at the orders of Halor, a young human king. Having just married a beautiful princess from a neighboring kingdom, he grew annoyed that trips to and from her homeland took so long, as they had to go around an old and dangerous forest that sat between the two countries. His father tolerated the presence of the forest because of an old oath made to the small number of elves still living there. Not feeling bound by his father’s oath, Halor decided to cut a path through the forest and make a direct road between his land and that of his bride. The elves were horrified and sent envoys to change the king’s mind. They failed, and soon the elves and Halor’s kingdom were at war. Confident that his armored soldiers could handle a few dozen elf warriors, he proceeded with the woodcutting. When his loggers were slain by elf arrows, he retaliated by setting the forest afire. This annoyed the elves and destroyed the homes of local forest beasts, which attacked the human lands in search of food and shelter. Halor sent knights to slay the monsters and guard the loggers, and had Trailblazer crafted to more efficiently cut the trees and the elves’ plant allies. The war went on for two years before a truce was called, and resulted in the destruction of most of the forest and the despoiling of much of the land in Halor’s kingdom by monsters.

Trailblazer is a +2 dancing flaming plant lesserbane* battleaxe. It is easily recognizeable by the surviving elves of the forest it cut and burned, and the elves look poorly on anyone carrying it. Most treants have heard of this weapon and consider anyone holding it an enemy.

Caster Level: 15th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Animate Objects, Flame Blade/Flame Strike/Fireball, Summon Monster I; Market Price: 128,310 gp; Cost to Create: 64,310 gp + 5,120 XP.

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