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The lands around the above ground entrance to the seaside outpost are slightly hilly and covered with light woods. The cliffside is home to many animals, birds and a few monsters - including carrion crawlers. The actual entrance is contained in a rocky outcropping known locally as 'The Spur'. No-one realizes that there is a secret door in the Spur, a testament to the crafting ability of the dwarves of long ago.

The Inn[edit]

Located a short distance from the topside entrance to the mining colony is the stone foundations of a building that fell into ruin ages ago. When it was active this was an out-of-the-way inn that the dwarves ran as a front. All that remains is the stone foundations and a one room cellar that is empty. Defren's ghost sometimes wanders this site.

The Spur[edit]

The Spur appears to be a natural granite outcrop that reachs a good twenty feet above the rest of the surrounding cliffside. The dwarven engineers who created this illusion were all masters of their craft and driven to help conceal their precious mine. To find the door without help requires either a DC 30 Spot check or a DC 28 Search check. Occasionally Defrens ghost will appear to travelers in an attempt to gain their aid against the intruders in his home and he will show them where to look for the door. If Defren has helped the PC's, lower the checks to 20 and 18 respectively.


The Spur connects to:



  • None


  • Defren's Ghost
  • 1d4 Carrion Crawler(s) -- A cluster of Carrion Crawlers has laired in one of the many natural caves in the side of the cliff and may be out hunting on top of the Cliffside.
  • Random Encounter from the temperate forest chart in the DMG

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