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Though each region has their own calender, the dragon Zyanya created a universal one. Though he created it using the draconic tongue, most translate it into common for ease of pronunciation.

A week is ten days.

1 - ir-kear (first-day)

2 - jiil-kear (second-day)

3 - fogah-kear (third-day)

4 - vrrar-kear (fourth-day)

5 - jlatak-kear (fifth-day)

6 - jiko-kear (sixth-day)

7 - vakil-kear (seventh-day)

8 - supri-kear (eighth-day)

9 - wlekjr-kear (ninth-day)

10 - asildk-kear (tenth-day)

There are 12 months, each containing 3 weeks. In addition, there are the 4 solstices which do not officially fall within any month. The months are based upon which dragon constellation is foremost in the sky.

Winter Solstice 1 - aurix-isk (Moon of the Gold Star)

2 - orn-isk (Moon of the Silver Star)

3 - rach-isk (Moon of the Copper Star)

Spring Solstice

4 - vyth-isk (Moon of the Brass Star)

5 - aujir-isk (Moon of the Bronze Star)

6 - kethend-isk (Moon of the Diamond Star)

Summer Solstice

7 - charir-isk (Moon of the Red Star)

8 - ulhar-isk (Moon of the Blue Star)

9 - achuak-isk (Moon of the Green Star)

Autumn Solstice

10 - vutha-isk (Moon of the Black Star)

11 - aussir-isk (Moon of the White Star)

12 - achiusk-isk (Moon of the Emerald Star)

Zyanya named the year he created the High Council of Shieldmeet to be the first year.

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