Time Hold (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Time Hold
Spellcraft DC:
Components: material
Casting time: 1 round per character left animate
Range: 1 mile
Effect, or Area: all object, magical and organic.
Duration: 1D4 hours
Saving Throw: will allows for 1/2 movement speed.
Spell Resistance: no
To Develop:

This spell creates an area where time seems held at the moment after the ritual to perform it is completed. Any thing or character, NPC or otherwise, that is in physical contact with the caster is left unaffected. Gold is burned up in the offering for the spell at a rate 300 gold per 10 minutes. This spell allows the caster and those unaffected by this spell to act as if out of combat for its duration (as long as no enemies made a saving throw); however, the caster may not perform another spell while this spell is active. Characters making a saving throw may move as well.

This spell causes the caster to fall into a deep sleep for 5 days after the effect wears off, so it is advised that during the time the caster find shelter.

Material Component: 1 suit of golden armor. 300gp per 10 minutes

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