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Blessed with a mind unlike any other, a Thought Mage has the power to bend magical forces with nothing but their raw desire and inner voice. The extent of your power allows you to meld spells without motion or speech, and allows you to manipulate magic as easily as thinking it. A Thought Mage is a master of Metamagic manipulation, and receives features that enhance their capabilities to affect their spellcasting.

Mental Spellcasting

To a Thought Mage, releasing her magical capabilities is like breathing. At first level the casting of cantrips is done as if under the Subtle Metamagic effect. Your intimate knowledge with manipulating magical energies gives you advantage on Arcana checks when used to identify spells and spell effects. This information is not exact, but intuitive based on your own knowledge of spellcasting. When you receive the Metamagic capability at 3rd level, you are able to spend Sorcery points equal to twice the Spell's level to cast with the Subtle and Quickened Metamagic effects.

Meditative Restore

A thought mage is one with their inner self and can gain the benefit of hours of rest with in the same time others can only catch their breath. At 3rd level, a thought mage can attempt to restore her power during a short rest. When attempting this action, perform a Charisma Save with a DC equal to 10 + half your Sorcerer Level rounded up. Upon a successful save, regain Sorcery Points equal to your Proficiency Modifier.

Improved Mental Spellcasting

At level 6, your mental spellcasting becomes more powerful and you can now use your thoughts to enhance the spell effects of your mental magic. When you apply your mental spellcasting, you may add the Heightened or Empowered effect, in addition to the previous effects. This costs Sorcery points equal to twice the spell's level plus one.

Explosive Release

At level 6, the Thought Mage discovers a new way to protect themselves in the heat of battle. When taking damage, you can use your reaction to expend Sorcery points to project an explosion of magical force with a range of 5 ft centered on you. Each sorcery point expended in this way gives the explosion 1d6 + Charisma modifier damage of magical force. At level 14, the explosion increases to 1d8 + Charisma modifier damage, and forces affected enemies to make a Strength save or be knocked back 5 feet. The DC of this save is equal to your Spell Save DC. At level 18, the damage further increases to 1d10 + Charisma modifier and a failed strength save also knocks the enemy prone. If you choose to expend Sorcery points greater than your Proficiency modifier, you must make a DC 12 + Points used Constitution save or take 1d4 + Points used damage, which increases to 1d6 + Points used at level 14, and further increases to 1d8 + Points used at level 18.

Advanced Mental Spellcasting

At level 14, the limits of your mental spellcasting have reached new heights. When mentally casting, your spells have the Distant effect when applicable. In addition, you can spend one Sorcery point to apply the Careful Metamagic to all spells cast for minutes equal to your Charisma modifier. This is considered a concentration effect.

Mental Casting Mastery

At level 18, your Mental casting has reached an unprecedented level. When mentally casting, you can now add the Extended or Twinned spell effects, in addition to the previous effects. This costs Sorcery points equal to twice the spell's level plus two. When using the Extended effect, it increases the duration of the spell three times the listed duration, up to 24 hours.

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