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Thieves' Leather[edit]

Note: While this armor is a variant to leather armor, it was compared to studded leather for game balance.

A black armored figure slinks from the shadows, he loops a rope through several gauze wrapped metals rings attached to the armor, and slides easily down the wall. suddenly, the alarm is sounded, and arrows streak through the darkness. One strikes the leather armor, but bounces off a pocket with a dull thud. The thief grunts, and pulls a pouch from the pocket, throwing it towards the archers and smiling as a cloud of smoke distracts them while he makes his escape.

Description: Thieves' Leather is Leather armor covered in scale shaped pockets (with small metal plates sewn into the pockets), and metal rings silenced by thin black cloth. It provides better protection than normal leather, about on par with studded leather. However, the more gear on the armor, the better it protects, as the gear is evenly distributed between the wearer and any blow. There is also a spider harness built into the armor. The maximum amount of gear the armor can carry is 60 lbs. Thieves' Leather base stats:

Cost 125 gp, Armor bonus +31, Max Dex Bonus +51, Armor Check Penalty -11,4, Arcane Spell Failure 15%1, Speed (as light armor)2, Weight 20 lbs3.

1 = Base stats are for armor with up to 20 lbs of gear in pockets/attached, for every full 20 lbs of gear attached to the armor it gives an additional +1 to armor bonus, -1 to max dex bonus and armor check penalty, and +5% to arcane spell failure.
2 = Armor becomes medium if more than 30 lbs of gear is attached.
3 = 5 lbs of the armor weight is for attachments, straps, etc. whose weight is not changed for smaller armors (ie: small armor is 15 lbs, not 12.5)
4 = Armor check penalty is reduced by one for move silently, hide, climb, and slight of hand. Spider harnes grants +2 circumstace bonus to climb checks if rope is used. Silenced pockets grant an additional -1 to armor check penalty if needed for moving silently.

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