The three who is one

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Lesser Deity
Symbol: three heads of a contruct
Home Plane: Mechanius
Alignment: {{{align}}}
Portfolio: Constructs and industry (benifical, effiecent, malignant)
Clergy Alignments: non lawful or choatic
Domains: protection, good, evil, and destruction
Favored Weapon: two spiked chains that are attatched under the wrist.
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More information...

the three that are one is a contruct god that was at one point a powerful warforged. Since his creation he struggled with his perpose in life which irrevokably spilt his mind into three seperate egos: the good, the nuetral and the evil. The three work together in one body as three seperate yet whole entities. It is not uncommon for him to become attatched to many warforged giving them, in essience a part of his power (a soul if it were). Hence those who follow or even believe in him are his favored soul warforged.


the three that are one is highly unpredictable because anyone of his egos could emerge at anytime. The only way that his favored souls can know what it is he desires is for them to be touched by an ego. This unfortunately also drives the quite mad and splits their personas into three like their god.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

there are no temples to the three who are one except for the very minds of his favored soul warforged.


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