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The Watchers Garb: A garment that appears long and flowing on the outside but fits snugly on the inside. Poofy material covers the head and shoulders leaving only the eyes and ears exposed. Loose cloth flows down over the shoulders and arms down to the feet but the cloth is shaped enough to allow the snug gloves out from under it.

This clothing is made of a magic meta-material that binds with the wearers soul. It grows with the wearer and it is impossible to take off unless the wearer is dead and the soul has been out of the body for a full day. The wearer becomes accustomed to the clothing to the point where they are considered unarmored for purposes of weight adjustment and armor check penalties. It binds to the wearer and can even anticipate the needs of the wearer and adjusts itself to allow proper exposure to the body for maintenance and medical needs. The material will never stain or get dirty. If the wearer is injured or disfigured such as having an arm cut off, the material will magically regrow anybody part or heal any disfigurement after a years time. This will not stop the wearer from getting sick or poisoned, but it does reduce damage done by all effects from the poison or disease by 1 or DM's choice.

CL ;

Table: The Watchers Garb
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Speed (30 ft.) Weight
Super Light N/A +2 Unlimited 0 0% 30 ft. 0 lb.

Worn By: Mr.Watchtower

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