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This pantheon of seven gods and goddesses is known at least to some extent all over the world. The gods are referred to as 'The Vaeryans', and they are credited with the creation of Vaerya. The seven are defenders of good, and are forever at war with Kaiten the Fallen and the dragon gods.


Known as the All-Father, The Creator, The Sky King, Lord of Vaerya, Illunian is the oldest of the Vaeryans, and is often represented as their father. Illunian wishes only for peace, a world where compassion and love are valued higher than power or money. His counsel is not given lightly, but while he often leaves the ruling of Vaerya to the younger Vaeryans, his word is law. He is depicted as an older man, powerfully built with a commanding presence. His eyes hold the suffering of the world in them, and he lends his power to those who would make Vaerya a better place. He is usually clothed in simple robes, and wears a long white beard down to his sternum.

  • Divine Rank: 20
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Good, Protection, Healing
  • Portfolio: Creation, Wisdom, Family, Peace, Forgiveness
  • Symbol: Two hands surrounding three spheres. Often depicted on a medallion.


nown as the Hand of Judgment, Ardian the Implacable, and the Holy Fire of Vaerya, Ardian is the patron saint of clerics and paladins who wish to battle evil. He is the second eldest of the Vaeryans, and he takes his role very seriously. He values conviction and honor, and exalts those who fight only to defend others. He is the final judge of a man's worth upon death, measuring the deeds and actions without bias, without discrimination, and without mercy. His judgment is swift and terrible, but fair. Only the unwise make an enemy of Ardian, for he is a powerful warrior, and a leader among men. He is most commonly depicted as a younger man with jet black hair, and a clean shaven face, and is usually wearing heavy armor.

  • Divine Rank: 18
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Good, Law, Sun, Destruction
  • Portfolio: Retribution, Honor, Chivalry, Justice, Dedication
  • Symbols: A balance Scale within an eye, or crossed swords over a sun


Known also as the Storm King, the Iron Brawler, and Ganteka the Mighty, Ganteka is the mightiest warrior ever seen. He has never been defeated in combat, even against the mighty dragon gods. The only thing more powerful than his combat prowess is his anger, for when he enters a rage, nothing can stand in his way. He is temperamental, and difficult to predict, prone to sudden outbursts. Ganteka is closely linked to lightning, and mortals assume that the weather is a reflection of his mood. He is depicted as an enormously muscled bald man who is clean shaven, and is known to wear any armor and wield any weapon.

  • Divine Rank: 18
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Strength, War
  • Portfolio: Combat, Competition, Storms, Humor, Revelry, Emotion
  • Symbols: A closed fist over crossed axes


Known also as the Mother of Vaerya, Heart of the World, Queen of Life, and Lady of the Forest. Yaviandawe reveres everything that grows. She is a nurturer and healer, and loves most seeing beautiful creations bloom. She is fiercely defensive when it comes to her forests, and often if humans kill too many trees in one place, the forest will defend itself. this is a manifestation of her will. She is the patron saint of mothers, healers, and druids. She is often represented as a wise woman, with graying brown hair and clothes that are reminiscent of bark. Her green eyes are full of life, and those who would seek to destroy will feel her wrath.

  • Divine Rank: 19
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Plant, Animal
  • Portfolio: Growth, Life, Nature, Birth, Renewal
  • Symbols: A great oak tree within a circle of vines


Known also as the Golden General, the Holy Warrior, the Queen of the Valkyrie, and the Tactician. She is the general of the armies of good, and the first defense against the hordes of the Abyss. She venerates those who dedicate their lives to pursuing perfection, whether it be war, architecture, combat, or even thievery (though they must be punished for their crimes, their skill is admirable). Of all the Vaeryans, Indariel is most beloved by the Elves, as she was queen of their ancestors, the Valkyrie. She is a skilled warrior, but her skills are best utilized for planning and leading than actually fighting. Skill and dedication are her most venerated attributes.

  • Divine Rank: 18
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Law, Good, Knowledge, Protection
  • Portfolio: Discipline, Skill, Devotion, Resourcefulness, Tactics
  • Symbols: A helm over a shield, with crossed spears


Known also as the Sorceress Queen, the Lover, Holder of the Covenant. Milyena governs two aspects; magic, and love. She appears most often as a woman of spectacular beauty, with dark flowing hair wrapping lightly around her pale skin. While she often acts like a young, petulant woman, she is actually very wise, knowledgeable in the way the world works. her mastery of magic attests to that. She holds in highest esteem those who follow their passion, honor their marriages, and aspire to the highest forms of the art magicka. She is also the holder of the Covenant, and it is she who couples make their vows to if they honor the Seven.

  • Divine Rank: 16
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Magic, Trickery
  • Portfolio: Love, Passion, Magic, Marriage, Devotion, Beauty
  • Symbols: A chain loop twisted into a figure eight under a single rose


Also known as the Crone, the Lady Time, and the Keeper of Secrets, Illewe is the least understood of the Vaeryans. She was once young, and free, but she looked forward in time, and was sucked into the pain and suffering of all that would ever come to the good people that would live in Vaerya. Now she is a shriveled crone, seemingly unfit for leading the forces of good. Her power is not to be discounted though, for all her appearance. She knows all that has happened, and almost everything that will ever come to pass. this foreknowledge makes her a tremendously powerful being.

  • Divine Rank: 20
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Law, Chaos, Knowledge, Travel
  • Portfolio: Sorrow, Pain, Foresight, Empathy
  • Symbols: A golden hourglass

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