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Size/Type: Large Construct (Always Neutral)
Hit Dice: 75d8 (300 hp)
Initiative: -30
Speed: 60
Armor Class: 55/60 (45 Natural + 5 While at rest), touch 10, flat-footed 55
Base Attack/Grapple: +20/+50
Attack: Ender Blade +20 melee (5d10+10/X2+Hooked)
Full Attack: Ender Blade +20/+20/+20 (5d10+10/X2+Hooked)
Space/Reach: 5ft/10ft
Special Attacks: Chokehold, Hooked, Ender Slam, Meat Launch
Special Qualities: Sense Life 30ft, Spell Resist 90/All, Damage Reduction 10/All, Regeneration 50/Round (At Rest), Immune to Mind Effects, See Description
Saves: Fort N/A, Ref 5, Will N/A
Abilities: Str 40, Dex 10, Con —, Int —, Wis 1, Cha 14
Skills: None, See Description
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, See Description
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 25
Treasure: See Loot Below
Alignment: Neutral
Advancement: +1hd
Level Adjustment: +2
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More information...

The castle is almost taken, all that is left to do is to kill the king. You rush to his chambers. As you approach, a lone statuesque figure of a monumental warrior comes into your view. He stands behind a solid wall of iron that some would call a sword which is double the height of any man in your force, and giant meat hooks dangle off the back of it every six inches. His face is covered by a solid iron face plate with no holes to see or breath. His arms from what you can see of them look like they could crush your breast plate by just squeezing it in one hand.

"An easy fight," one of your comrades mumbles to himself as he approaches the lone figure taking extreme care not to make a sound.

Suddenly the warrior comes to life and rushes to attack your ally, cutting him in half with ease. You and your men rush the monumental warrior trying to overwhelm him in numbers. As your swords hit his flesh, sparks fly from your blades. He slices though your allies with ease and grabs you by the throat and lifts you high in air with one hand. You can feel his crushing grip on your windpipe as you are trying not to fall unconscious. Before you blackout you see one of your allies slice off the top of his head. In the wound you see no blood, only stone.

You awake on the floor 40 feet from the monumental warrior. He is just as you first saw him, Sword planted firmly in the ground, unmoving in front of the chamber doors. The bodies of your allies lay in pieces around him with chunks caught on the giant meat hooks.

The Unmovable Sentinel is a created monster. Any wizard of 20th level or more may make one at the cost of 50,000 exp + 2,000 exp per additional trait, feat, or skill (2,000 per skill point as well). The components required to make The Unmovable Sentinel are an inactive Stone Golem, 5 drops of pure concentrated essence from every element, a vial of hero blood shed within 1 hour after combat, and a gem with a trapped soul inside it.

Upon creation The Unmovable Sentinel will draw elements out of the ground to increase its hardness as well as resistances to all magical effects. This increases its weight to just under 75,000 lbs.

The Unmovable Sentinel guards an object and will attack any living thing that comes within 30ft of that object, even if its their creator. They will not move beyond 30ft of the object which they guard. If the object is more than 30ft away at the time of their creation, they will move to it. If the object that they are guarding moves or is teleported then they will move to it in a strait line walking though anything that may be in their way.

The Unmovable Sentinel stands 10ft tall. See Loot for blade description. When standing at rest The Unmovable Sentinel always has its blade buried 1ft into the ground regardless of the hardness of the floor. It's body will appear to have full spiked plate leggings and boots but no chest piece. Instead, it will look like a flawless muscular warrior (Male or female your choice). It's face will be hidden behind a solid piece of metal with hair visible behind.


Chokehold: Upon successful grapple, The Unmovable Sentinel will start to choke its victim dealing 1d10 crush damage per turn. The victim must also make a successfull fortitude check (DC 5/round held; 1st round 5, 2nd round 10, 3rd round 15) or be rendered unconscious for 1d10 minutes.

Ender Slam: Instead of using the cutting edge of its sword, The Unmovable Sentinel may turn its blade sideways and do non-lethal damage (1d6). due to the change of hitting type, the weapon will go from being a slashing weapon to a bludgeoning weapon and will also knock the victim of the attack back 35ft. A crit will still result with an enemy getting hooked (Piercing) and not suffering the knock back.

Hooked: A critical from ender will result in the opponent being impaled on one of Ender's meat hooks resulting in an immediate 1d6 additional damage. A player must make a Fortitude check (DC 10) to be able to attempt to pull their character off of the meat hook. They must also make a Successful Strength vs Weight Check or else remain impaled on the hook. Every time The Unmovable Sentinel moves or attacks while someone is hooked, they take damage (1d12+1d6+15). Note: in order for someone to be hooked on ender, there must be an open hook. Ender has 20 hooks total and each hook may hold one victim.

Meat Launch: The Unmovable Sentinel has the option to fling it's hooked victims anytime it wants. This turns any victims on its hooks into a ranged weapon. The initial launch does the standard damage for an opponent being "Hooked", Impact deals 2d6+Strenth Mod. If the victim being flung hits another living target, the impact damage is divided equal between the two with any remainder going to the victim being launched.


The Unmovable Sentinel will not attack anything that is over 30ft away from what it is guarding, regardless of if it is getting attacked from a PC at range. IT WILL NOT MOVE. During this time it is considered "At Rest" and will simply hold its action. Once a PC is within 30 ft of the object it was meant to protect, it will instantaneously move to engage.

Round 1: As it may have been a simple mistake and The Unmovable Sentinel is a guardian not a killing machine, It will either grab and throw opponents out of its 30ft range, or it will use Ender Slam to hit them away.

Round 2: It now recognizes a live threat so it tries to deter it simply with Chokehold and then throwing outside of the 30ft radius.

Round 3: Lethal action display. Attack once with ender and then Chokehold and throw outside of 30ft radius.

Round 4+: Lethal action necessary. Full Attack and Meat Launch.

If Attacks Stop: This happened anytime there is no PC within the 30ft radius of the object, The Unmovable Sentinel will return to its original standing point and return to at rest.

If Disarmed or Dropped Weapon: The Unmovable Sentinal will first retrieve it, regardless of where it is, then resume where it left off.


Ender: A blade 11ft from base of the hilt to blade tip, 18 inches wide and 1/2 an inch thick. It is a single edged blade with holes in the back which steel meat hooks are looped too. It is made of black mineral infused steel. Damage = (5d10+10/X2+Hooked). Weight = 50lbs.

Sentinels Faceplate: Blinds wearer but allows them to see life within 30ft. Automatically conforms to the face of the wearer allowing them to breath magically. Grants the wearer the ability to focus on an enemy once per day. Wearer is then able to see the marked enemy's life sign anywhere in the world and know the complete details about that enemy. Only one enemy may be marked at a time. +1 AC. Weight = 2lbs.

1 Gem: GM's discretion. Suggest a Gem with a Trapped soul inside since that was used to create the Sentinel.

Ring of Slow Death x2 (Nystrus Magic Aura makes detect magic think of them as two Rings of Killing Power): Cursed Item. Initially the wearer will feel stronger than normal (+4 Str). Every 2 hours 1 Str will be removed until it actually starts draining the users Str. After the first four hours of wearing the rings (Ring Effect: +2 Str) the rings cannot be taken off unless you find someone to remove the curse. After the first ten hours (Ring Effect: -1 Str) the rings cannot be removed by anyone but the enchanter, normally the wizard who made The Unmovable Sentinel. After the first sixteen hours (Ring Effect: -4 Str) the rings can no longer be removed and the finger must be removed to avoid death. Nystrus Magic Aura wears off at 0 Str but will come back if the rings Str Bonus goes above 0 again. If the rings are removed, the Str benefit will return at the rate of +1/hour. Being able to remove the ring depends on the Strength bonus it grants you. Once a finger is removed, the ring can then be removed from the detached finger.

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