The Quasi Elemental plane of Vaccum (DnD Environment)

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The Quasi Elemental plane of Vaccum[edit]

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Zero gravity.
  • Time: Normal
  • Size: Infinite
  • Morphic: Alterable, there is however, even less to alter than even the energy planes. Though like all planes it is sentient, though unlike the abyss, is not overt about it.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: Air dominant
  • Energy Dominance: Major Negative Dominant

  • Alignment Trait: Mildly neutral aligned. Though most who have been here swear that this plane is out to get them.
  • Magic Trait: Spells that use negative energy are empowered, quickened, and maximized, but do not use higher spell slots. Air spells are Quickened, Extended, and heightened.

Plane Links[edit]

Portals to the Elemental plane of Air, the Negative Energy plane, The Paraelemental plane of Ice, and the Paraelemental plane of Smoke abound here. The Plane of shadow is linked without the need for the astral plane. Also this place connects to the abyss in many places.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Xeg Yi, Constructs, and Incorporeal creatures dominate in this mainly empty plane. The most powerful known entity is the Malign shapeless being known as Sun Sing, who in the age before the ages attacked the Obyrith who's curiosity got the better of them. It was every bit as evil as the vile demons, and was considerably more powerful. This is the cause of Vaccum gates on the abyss.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Movement functions much like it does on the energy planes, flight that uses wings cannot function as there is nothing to beat on, and the lack of gravity can pose a problem, the Strong presence of Negative energy is also very Dangerous. But the true danger is the Vaccum itself, Entering the plane causes immediate suffocation as the air is drawn out of your lungs, and if a dc 30 fortitude save is failed, the creature instantly dies as it's body is ripped apart. Most Coporeal undead must make the fortitude save, incorporeal undead do not. Some constructs must make it, but the majority do not. For example, a flesh golem or zombie would have to make the save, but a Iron golem or Lich would not. Speech is impossible, and spells with verbal components cannot be cast, performance checks instantly fail, sonic damage cannot occur, and all creatures are treated as deafened.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The Vaccum plane is much like space, except for two major things. The very strong presence of negative energy and the lack of stellar bodies. There are quite a few fortresses here made by the foolhardy or extremely brave.

Plane Links[edit]


Plane Encounters[edit]


Alternate Variances[edit]




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