The Maze of Araboth (3.5e Quest)

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the Maze of Araboth[edit]

Intended for four level Atleast Epic 20th adventurers.

if your campaign has a mysterious person or a re-occurring villain this may or may not work..... for example if a re-occurring villain has a secret plan or a evil goal it will most likely work out great. feel free to tweak this to your liking.

  • Prep Time prepareing for this takes about 5 days.(for me being a perfectionist.)
  • Play Time about 3 sessions of 3 hours at the least

Quest Introduction[edit]

your arch enemy or re-occoring villan has almost reached his final goal. you are imprisoned by his minions. you seem to be in a unknown ruin that seems to be eons old.


(again you can tweek this quest to your own liking if you dont like mine.) The undead have taken most of the planes by the force of a master necromancer named Araboth. The necromancer's goal is to exterminate the entire race that has persecuteed him.

(see npc) Your goal is to stop him before he wipes all planes of the elven species.


this quest has many very intriguing creatures and npcs i think it is very interesting personally.


the first part is the mysterious ruin that you have been imprisoned in. the second, a seemingly endless maze with odd enemies and powerful magic forces the third is a palace controlled by a horde of various undead. and at last, the final confrontation.


Araboth, the Death Mask



Stage One: Masked Ruins[edit]

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Stage Two: Maze of the Masquerade[edit]

{{{stage-two details}}}

Stage Three: Bleak Palace[edit]

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Stage Four: the last fight[edit]

you meet your enemy. Araboth the Death Mask. after a exchanging of words. (feel free to make your own.)

you begin the last encounter.

(to get an idea of Araboths fighting style see npc page)

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