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Privy to the fates of the world, the oracle understands the delicate balance of events, and is cognizant of the many branches one's fate can have. Contrary to many of the old stories, the general public has control over its own fate; only a select few individuals are truly pre-destined for a very certain end. But fate is mostly not like the cut of a blade; it is like the myriad paths when a hammer cracks ice.

The Oracle lives in a marble citadel, honeycombed with statue-filled halls. Each marble statue has the spirit of a previous oracle dwelling within it, and all of the spirits in the citadel pool their knowledge, including the one who is living. As such, their wisdom is great. If a threat should ever emerge, the statues will become animated, and move of their own will. At twice the size of a normal human, these stony guardians make for a solid defense. The oracle herself is a powerful mage, but no match for any of the 500. All of the statues are quite resistant to magic, so if all of them coordinated with the oracle, they should be able to defend themselves from an attack by a weaker member of the 500. None of the marble statues are capable of casting any spells themselves, however.

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