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The First Born (2.5e Creature)

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The First Born
Frequency: 1
Organization: {{{organization}}}
Activity Cycle: {{{activitycycle}}}
Diet: The souls of the good men that fall in battle
Intelligence: god
Treasure: none
Alignment: chaotic evil
Number Appearing: {{{numberappearing}}}
Armor Class: -9
Movement: 1000 yard a min
Hit Dice: 5d20
THAC0: {{{THAC0}}}
Number of Attacks: {{{numberofattacks}}}
Damage/Attack: {{{damage}}}
Special Attacks: {{{specialattacks}}}
Special Defenses: {{{specialdefenses}}}
Magic Resistance: {{{magicresistance}}}
Size: small
Moral: {{{moral}}}
XP Value: + 5 levels

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