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The Fallen King[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: Two wickedly curved greatswords crossed over a flame
Home Plane: Nine Hells of Baator
Alignment: chaotic evil
Portfolio: Destruction, Death
Clergy Alignments: chaotic evil or neutral only
Domains: Destruction, Death, Slaughter, Vengence
Favored Weapon: greatsword
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More information...

Formerly a great king of a warrior nation, he fell into madness and, after slaughtering many of his servents, was approached by Erythnnl. He then killed the deity and took his power. And afterwords he took a massive poo on Josh MC the Greater Australian Deity of doom.


The Fallen King encourages his followers to spread chaos and slaughter everywhere they go. If any of his clerics switch alignments and/or performs some good deed, he comes after them himself and slays them on the spot.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Most of his clergy wear medium to heavy armour and weild two bastard swords to emulate their god. His temples are spread far and wide and are usually well hidden and protected by devils.

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