The Fall of Ideal's (3.5e Quest)

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The Fall of Ideal's[edit]

Intended for four level 1-20 adventurers.

This is a campaign setting...

  • Prep Time 1-2 Months
  • Play Time 4-6 Months

Quest Introduction[edit]

The Character's adventure for justice and Ideal's, specifically trying to help a chosen deity and it's will in Ideal's. (Protect Nature, Stop Crime, etc...) Characters should wander by on this till lvl 4 or 5. Once characters reach an appropriate level, their deity should begin to lose faith in them, and the characters should begin to question his/her Ideal's. Read The Stage's section to discover more...


The Coast and Islands of Silent Spire Harbor three huge cities, Capital: A town bursting at the edges of the Golden Island. The Chapel's here worship your chosen god of Nature. The second city: Vernin, lies on the Silent Coast and is prey to several small blue dragons. It is the most diverse in racial and cultural differences of all cities. The last City: Yellowstone, lies also on the Silent Coast at the base of the Yellow Granite Cliffs, atop the cliffs lies the Yellowstone Dungeons. These Dungeons are filled with small copper dragons and the undead. Yellowstone also serves as the Capital's Main docking station and is the center of all port trade with other nation's.


The Characters stand with heads held high in mighty victory, as they claim justice for a deity in the bustling coast and islands of Silent Spire. As they grow more experienced and wise, they question there deity and his/her's intentions and begin to witness the Fall of Ideal's. A time period of which war, famine, crime and destruction occur on a massive scale.


The Character's obey and follow a deity's righteous mission to cleanse evil from one of the two coastal cite's, either Yellowstone or Vernin and then travel to Capital, to battler a growing diplomatic problem with Another Nation across Capital Sea, Narmasis. The Narmasis Army has sent Assassins to kill the major political and military leaders in Silent Spire. The Character's Act against the Deities wish to leave the problems to god and solve them their own. The characters stop the Assassin's but in retaliation, the Silent Spire Navy attacks Narmasis and an epic battle occurs on the Capital Sea. The battle is much greater in consequence then either side could have thought...


As many as needed, creation is left entirely to the Campaign's DM.


No item's are Campaign Specific.

Stage One: The Order of God[edit]

The characters follow the orders of a chosen Deity and spread justice in either Vernin or Yellowstone. Option 1: A Hollow Grave. Seeking Justice in Vernin means putting an end to the family of small blue dragons along the Silent Spire Coast that prey on the fisherman. Character's must explore several dungeons before finding a collapsed wall that leads into a series of underground caves and river systems. Characters must engage and kill 3 small blue dragons to complete the first quest and bring justice to Vernin. Reward accordingly to Dragon Treasure. Option 2: Harbor Control, Seeking Justice in Yellowstone is not easy or simple, advised for more experienced players only. Character's who to do seek justice in Yellowstone discover that many of the Harbor control men; who operate the ships and vessel's who travel to Capital; are Vanishing in the night.

Stage Two: Justice in Capital[edit]

to come..

Stage Three: The War on Narmasis (The Awakening)[edit]

to come..

Stage Four: The Fall of Ideal's[edit]

to come..

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